Lot 147

Miami 2024

1995 Ferrari F355 Spider


$240,800 USD | Sold

United States | Coral Gables, Florida



Chassis No.
US Title
  • Highly original, preservation-quality example driven 988 miles at time of cataloguing
  • Fitted with the thrilling and highly desirable six-speed gated manual gearbox
  • Attractively finished in black over a biscuit interior with black convertible top with Scuderia Ferrari shields
  • One of approximately 3,717 F355 Spiders produced in total, of which 2,664 are said to have been fitted with a manual transmission
  • Accompanied by 2016–2022 invoices, including belt service completed in November 2021

Ferrari introduced the F355 Spider in 1995, a year after the Berlinetta version debuted at the 1994 Geneva Motor Show. Notably, it was the first convertible Ferrari to feature a power-operated soft top that lowered at the press of a button—though this convenient addition did not come at the expense of razor-sharp performance. The F355’s rigid, semi-monocoque steel chassis with variable-section, tubular front and rear sub-frames ensured that the open-topped F355 retained the capability of its hardtop sibling.

Central to the experience was the same Formula One-derived 3.5-liter V-8 found in the F355 Spider’s coupe and targa counterparts. With a newly designed cylinder head featuring five valves per cylinder and Bosch Motronic fuel injection, it was rated at 375 horsepower. Precise, power-assisted steering and electronically adjustable dampers worked well with the staggered 18-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber. The F355 also carries the distinction of having debuted another F1-inspired feature for Ferrari: the paddle-shifted automated transmission, which would quickly evolve and become a mainstay. Yet discriminating buyers could still specify a six-speed manual gearbox equipped with the fabled gated shifter.

The F355 Spider offered here is one such manual-equipped car. Delivered new to a buyer in Florida, this Ferrari was finished in black over a biscuit interior with a black convertible top—a very attractive and subtle combination. Fender-mounted yellow Scuderia Ferrari shields, complete with the iconic Cavallino Rampante, provide a wonderful dash of contrast.

The original owner would retain the Ferrari for nearly a decade, though it was seldom driven: When it gained its second caretaker, an enthusiast in Georgia, in 2015, the car had seen fewer than 700 miles from new. Despite the low mileage, maintenance was performed diligently, including a fuel system overhaul in 2016 and a precautionary five-year belt replacement service completed in November 2021. Following its purchase by its third owner in 2022, the Ferrari returned to Florida, where it benefitted from continued care while seeing very limited additional road use. As a result, its odometer displays just 988 miles at time of cataloguing.

Approximately 3,717 F355 Spiders were produced in total; of these, the 2,664 fitted with manual transmissions worldwide are particularly sought-after by enthusiasts for the analog, tactile dimension this gearbox adds to the driving experience. This example, with its remarkably low mileage, short ownership chain, and excellent state of preservation, must surely be one of the finest, most original F355 Spiders available for acquisition—an enticing prospect for the dedicated Ferrari collector, or a sportscar enthusiast seeking to experience the timeless thrill of a mid-mounted V-8 and a gated shifter.