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1937 Packard Twelve Coupe Roadster


$300,000 - $350,000 USD | Not Sold

United States | Coral Gables, Florida



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  • Offered from a prominent private collection
  • Well-preserved restoration by the noted Fran Roxas
  • Striking Almond Green over beige leather livery
  • Among the most sought-after body styles on the magnificent Fifteenth Series Twelve

To many enthusiasts, the 1937 model year, known to the manufacturer as the Fifteenth Series, represents one of the high points of Packard’s pre-war design, and arguably one of the most striking of all Full Classic automobiles. The most prestigious of these cars were of course the 12-cylinder models, and few had as much brawn and brio as the coupe roadster, a sleek two-passenger convertible built on the 139-inch-wheelbase 1507 chassis. No other body style showed off the Fifteenth Series styling, including the smoothly raked radiator shell, exquisitely rounded fenders, and tapered headlights, to such magnificent effect. Understandably these have always remained some of the most sought-after of their kind, figuring into numerous important private collections.

Known history of the example offered here begins in 1967, when it was recorded by longtime Fifteenth Series Packard historian Bob Supina in the ownership of Walt Dietzel of Shawnee, Oklahoma, who noted that the Packard was at the time in original condition but that he intended to restore it in the months to come. Interestingly, Mr. Dietzel’s correspondence with Mr. Supina, a copy of which is included in the file, notes that the car at the time had a full trunk rather than a rumble seat, as usually found and as presently configured.

The Packard remained in Mr. Dietzel’s ownership for some years. Eventually it was fully restored by the noted Fran Roxas, for decades one of the foremost specialists in pre-war Packards, known for the outstanding and lasting quality of his workmanship. As part of this work the car was finished to its beautiful present appearance, in an authentic, subtly metallic and striking Fifteenth Series shade called Almond Green, with beige leather interior. The car retains what is believed to be its original vehicle number tag on the firewall, and is desirably equipped with dual sidemounted spares with metal covers and mirrors, rear luggage rack, and subtle “feathered bail” radiator cap. Throughout the Packard remains in excellent overall condition, with Mr. Roxas’s very high attention detail visible in the fit and finish of most every component.

This is a beautiful example of the 1507 Twelve coupe roadster, superbly restored and lovingly presented from the collection of a connoisseur of the marque.