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Miami 2024

1994 Lamborghini Diablo VT


$274,400 USD | Sold

United States | Coral Gables, Florida



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Canadian Registration
  • A significant technological leap forward for Lamborghini; brash looks and exceptional performance with a pioneering all-wheel drive system
  • Beautiful state of preservation, showing only 21,341 km (~13,261 miles) at time of cataloguing
  • Scrupulously maintained without regard for expense during 13 years of enthusiast ownership, including clutch, power steering, and air conditioning system overhauls; replacement of engine and powertrain hoses and seals, sensors, and hardware; water pump rebuild; and fitment of new engine mounts and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires
  • Steering wheel autographed by storied Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni; fitted with unique, custom-ordered "bull horns" rear wing
  • Accompanied by Lamborghini-logo tools and Lamborghini-logo tire inflator in leather pouches, manuals, and extensive 2011–2023 parts invoices

The Lamborghini Diablo was much more than a successor to the legendary Countach: It kept its predecessor’s aggressive wedge design, its howling V-12, its trademark scissor doors, and its unmatched attitude, but it also gained a welcome measure of civility and, in the guise of the Diablo VT, advanced technology that enhanced performance and tractability. Although all-wheel drive is common on today’s supercars, the Diablo VT’s “viscous traction” system, which could send up to 25% of torque to the front wheels, was quite exotic upon its introduction in 1993—and only served to reinforce the model’s status as a dream car for enthusiasts worldwide.

The consignor of this exceptional 1994 Diablo VT never lost sight of that dream. In 2011, he acquired this example, a US-delivery car finished in the attractive combination of Rosso over a Champagne interior, from the Northeastern United States and returned it to his home in Ontario, Canada. An inspection of the car at the time of purchase by noted Lamborghini expert Wil de Groot of ExotiCars USA revealed this example to be in well-preserved original condition (this report is on file). The odometer reading of just over 17,000 kilometers (~10,600 miles) reflected a history of modest, fair-weather use.

This was only the beginning of the consignor’s 13-year ownership tenure with the Lamborghini, which saw the already solid car perfected through a continuous, uncompromising regimen of restoration and improvement—all conducted without regard for expense and amounting to well over $50,000 CAD. Parts invoices on file attest to the extraordinary effort that went into locating the correct OEM/Lamborghini parts, including sourcing components from Italy, England, Switzerland, and Germany.

In addition to routine maintenance, notable major service items include a clutch overhaul with fitment of a Kevlar friction disc; rebuilds of the power steering pump and water pump conducted by John Stuart Power Brake of Stoney Creek, Ontario; a cleaning and refresh of the air conditioning system; replacement of all sensors in the engine, coolant, and exhaust system; and replacement of fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators, and all six fuel filters. Gas door struts and all hoses, seals, O-rings, and other perishable rubber components in engine and drivetrain, as well as all engine and transmission hardware were replaced with OEM parts. New engine mounts were installed and finally, new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires were fitted. A document detailing the full scope of work performed on this car is on file for review.

As a crowning touch, the car’s steering wheel has been personally autographed at the factory by the great Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni, who was involved in the development of this (and many other) legendary Lamborghini models, with supporting photos of Balboni signing and factory documentation on file. Further, this example also boasts a unique "bull horns" shaped rear wing, believed to be the only one of its kind custom-ordered from the factory.

While in the consignor’s care, this Diablo VT has been a welcome entrant at shows, winning numerous awards, as well as participating in Ontario’s prestigious Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It was also featured in the June 2017 issue of Autostrada magazine. It has been exercised moderately through the years, though at the time of cataloguing its odometer displays only 21,341 kilometers (~13,261 miles)—a low reading consistent with its highly original condition. It is offered now with Lamborghini-logo tools and Lamborghini-logo tire inflator in leather pouches, owner’s manuals, and invoices for parts and service.

Whether tearing down a back road, parked in the neon glow along South Beach, or exhibited on a concours green, this 1994 Lamborghini Diablo VT truly is an exceptional example of the dream machine that captivated the world upon its debut three decades ago—and continues to ignite desire and draw admiration from all true car enthusiasts today.