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2011 Ford Fiesta GYM3

Driven by Ken Block in Gymkhana Three


$252,000 USD | Sold

United States | Miami Beach, Florida



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  • The rally-prepared star of Gymkhana Three, the viral internet sensation with 69 million views
  • Powered by Olsburgs Duratex turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 600 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque
  • Finished in the iconic black and white Monster drip livery
  • The first Ford product to be featured in the Gymkhana film series

With the release of Ken Block Gymkhana Practice in 2008, the motorsport discipline of gymkhana reached near universal recognition. Like autocross, a gymkhana competition involves a point-to-point course filled with a variety of obstacles for a driver to navigate with a further requirement of displaying advanced driving skills like spins, drifts, and figure eights. Ken Block, the “hoonigan” in chief, took this concept to the next level with the release of the first viral video displaying his professional rally skills in an abandoned airfield. The escalating difficulty of the stunts and courses throughout this series, venues for which included the Port of Los Angeles, downtown San Francisco, and Dubai, kept the motoring enthusiast public glued to their computer screens in anticipation of the latest release.

In Gymkhana Three, Block crossed the Atlantic to conquer the Auodrome De Monthery, a French racing circuit built in 1924, featuring an oval with progressive banking up to a spectacular 52 degrees. Throughout the seven minutes of tire-shredding mayhem, the rally star drifts through the course navigating cones and barriers. Block further performs a dizzying array of spins across a wet patch of tarmac and rips sideways atop the high banks. The video crescendos with a final donut that burns the tires down to the rims, resulting in a fireworks display of sparks. An incredible feat of car control, Gymkhana Three has been viewed 69 million times and remains one of the most popular entries within the series.

Beginning life as a 2011 Fiesta ST, Swedish racing team Olsbergs MSE converted this humble hatchback into the monster known as “GYM3,” the first Ford product featured in the series. At the heart of the machine is a longitudinally mounted Olsbergs-tuned 2000-cubic-centimeter turbocharged four-cylinder Duratec engine producing 600 horsepower and 660 pound-feet of torque at 4000 rpm. An Olsbergs MSE MakTrak six-speed paddle-shift sequential gearbox sends power to all four tires, allowing for 0–60 runs in the two-second range. Alcon Racing brakes reign in the speed and Ohlins shock absorbers handle the punishment from bumps, jumps, and high yaw angles. The body structure of the Fiesta was seam-welded and fitted with underbody protection while the interior was entirely stripped and fitted with an OMSE roll cage. The body was also modified with massive fender flares, an aggressive front bumper with carbon splitter, and a U-shaped rear wing. Adorning the cockpit are various personal touches, including a custom-made hydraulic emergency-brake handle featuring Ken’s Huck Gee skull logo, and a medley of stickers. The exterior wears a now-iconic, black-and-white, drip-themed livery based on Block’s Monster World Rally Team design.

In the spring of 2022, Hoonigan Racing Division rebuilt the GYM3’s transmission and RM Motorsports in Wixom, Michigan re-installed. The shop additionally replaced the clutch pressure plate and rear main seal, installed four ignition packs and spark plugs, repaired vacuum leaks, replaced the gearbox oil, and re-tuned the engine. Prior to this work, the car had also received a new gear-shift ECU.

An impressive piece of motoring and pop-culture history, Ken Block’s GYM3 Ford Fiesta has been seen by millions across the globe. Built to withstand jumps, drifts, and spins, this rally-prepared little monster is sure to provide its next owner with endless thrills and will be the star of any car show it attends. It represents an exceedingly rare opportunity to procure a tried and tested hoonigan machine driven by the legend himself.