Lot 124


2005 Porsche Carrera GT


$1,655,000 USD | Sold

United States | Miami Beach, Florida



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US Title
  • Among the most significant hypercars of its era; stunning motorsport-derived performance and exquisite design
  • One of only 644 US-delivery Carrera GTs, and one of only 1,270 built in total worldwide
  • Finished in GT Silver Metallic over Ascot Brown leather
  • Exceptionally maintained, with just 2,050 miles from new at time of cataloguing
  • Benefits from regular maintenance, including an engine-out service and clutch replacement in January 2020
  • Accompanied by window sticker, service invoices, matching luggage set, and further delivery tools and accessories

By any measure, Porsche’s brilliant Carrera GT is one of the greatest sports cars ever offered to the public. Its fascinating path to production helps explain why: On the heels of Porsche’s success with the 911 GT1 at Le Mans, the company’s engineers at Weissach focused on a new prototype for the LMP1-98 program. This new design would, rather than employing the familiar 911-based flat-six Turbo of the GT1, utilize a normally aspirated wide-angle V-10 that had originally been created secretly for the stillborn Footwork Arrows Formula 1 project. When the FIA canceled the 1999 Le Mans Prototype class, Porsche needed a platform with which it could hopefully recoup some of its considerable investment. The Carrera GT, in 5.5-liter prototype form, was unveiled to great acclaim at the Paris Auto Show in 2000.

Interest in the prototype was overwhelming, leading Porsche to develop the concept—initially intended as little more than an attention-grabbing technical exercise, or so it was said—into a top-shelf boutique hypercar. Available for deliveries in 2004, the Carrera GT was clearly predicated on the race car principles of low weight and extreme power, starting with a 220-pound tub of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). The lightweight material also composed the engine subframe and was generously used throughout the breathtaking coachwork, which sprung from the pen of Grant Larson—responsible for the popular Boxster.

The jewellike aluminum V-10, which had grown to 5.7 liters in production form, used an unusual V angle of 68 degrees and employed aluminum pistons and an aluminum intake manifold, titanium connecting rods, and a forged crankshaft to maintain a low weight of 452 pounds. Dry-sump lubrication allowed for the mid-mounted motor to lie very low within its subframe, and a carbon ceramic clutch and low-mass flywheel contributed to free-revving low-inertia performance encapsulated by a redline of 8,400 rpm. Developing 605 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 435 pound-feet of torque, the V-10 was mated to a six-speed manual transaxle (the sole gearbox offered).

The end result of such impressive technology was earth-shattering performance, with the Carrera GT reaching 60 mph from standstill in just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 205 mph. Cross-drilled ceramic-composite disc brakes with huge 14.96-inch rotors anchored lightweight magnesium wheels, and an ingenious suspension system derived from the 911 GT1 ensured superior cornering and balance.


Given the Carrera GT’s highly impressive technological specification and incredible looks, it is no wonder that each of the 1,270 cars built is treasured today. The example offered here, completed on 1 March 2005, is one of a mere 644 sold new in the United States. Its exterior finish of GT Silver Metallic pairs wonderfully with its Ascot Brown interior, which features full leather sport seats (built around advanced CFRP and Kevlar shells); the rich leather continues on the doors, dashboard, and steering wheel. At the center of the cockpit is a gear selector knob made of birch and ash—Porsche’s subtle nod to the wooden shift knob on the storied 917.

Despite its uncompromising, racecar-inspired performance brief, the Carrera GT sacrificed neither style nor features. Its removable lightweight hardtop lends the car a breathtaking fastback appearance, though whether it was fixed in place or removed, the occupants’ roll-over hoops and arching meshed cam covers contributed to voluptuous curves throughout the design. A host of comfort amenities were available; this car was ordered new with a slate of well-considered features, including air conditioning, a premium sound system, and a luggage set in color-coordinated Ascot Brown.

Befitting a car with this low mileage, it presents very much as a new Carrera GT today, complete with original finishes in excellent condition throughout. Under current ownership it has enjoyed scrupulous care without regard for expense, with invoices on file indicating routine maintenance by Westmont Porsche of Westmont, Illinois; more recently, the car benefitted from an engine-out service and replacement of its Porsche ceramic composite clutch (a highly specialized component that alone cost in excess of $18,000) executed by Olsen Motorsports of Downers Grove, Illinois.

In addition to service invoices spanning 2011–2020, this Carrera GT is accompanied by its window sticker, seven-piece luggage set, and a suite of delivery tools and accessories, including two keys, manuals with leather pouch, center-lock wheel wrench, car cover, roof panel covers and foam separator piece, and luggage straps. Even roadside essentials such as the tow hook, tire inflation kit, screwdriver, and emergency triangle are present, contributing to its “as-delivered” presentation.

The title of “last great analog supercar” is hotly contested, but the Porsche Carrera GT sits at the top of the list for countless enthusiasts. Advanced in its design and in its use of cutting-edge materials, the Carrera GT nevertheless offers a purist driving experience unlike anything built by major automakers today. The opportunity to purchase one new is behind us—but exceptionally maintained and seldom-driven examples such as this car, dazzling in GT Silver Metallic over Ascot Brown leather and displaying only 2,050 miles at time of cataloguing, offer discriminating enthusiasts a compelling opportunity to enjoy one of the century’s greatest automobiles in as-new condition.