Lot 127


1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary by Bertone

Offered from The Youngtimer Collection


$555,000 USD | Sold

United States | Miami Beach, Florida



Chassis No.
Kuwait Vehicle Registration
  • Offered from The Youngtimer Collection
  • One of approximately 657 examples built of the most highly developed Countach
  • Desirable European-specified variant equipped with more powerful carbureted engine
  • Displayed 6,648 kilometers (4,131 miles) at cataloguing time
  • Fastidiously maintained during nine years of current ownership

Perhaps no model better epitomizes the concept of the Italian supercar than the Lamborghini Countach. With a mid/rear-engine architecture and stunning angular coachwork by Bertone’s Marcello Gandini, not to mention Lamborghini’s potent 5.2-liter V-12 engine, the Countach became the quintessential expression of exotic wanderlust. The model’s iconic design, with its immense rear wing and unmistakable, vertically opening “scissor” doors with integrated air ducts, has become one of automotive history’s most defining forms, instantly recognizable to all stripes of enthusiast.

Enjoying popularity as a defining cultural icon for nearly two decades, the Countach was developed through four different versions from its debut at the 1971 Geneva Salon, commencing with the production LP400, and then advancing through the LP400 S of 1978, the LP500 S of 1982, and the 5000QV of 1985. In 1988, a final version was unveiled at the Monza Grand Prix that commemorated a quarter century of Lamborghini production.

The so-called Countach 25th Anniversary edition featured subtly restyled coachwork care of in-house designer Horacio Pagani, who would notably go on to helm his own successful supercar company. Most noticeably, Pagani revised the rear air ducting for superior cooling of the engine and brakes, adding straked inlets to the redesigned front apron and side sills. The Countach’s large, blocky air inlets above the rear wheels were aerodynamically swept and similarly straked. New three-piece OZ alloy wheels completed the chassis revisions while the coachwork was cosmetically capped with model-specific 25th Anniversary badging on the door sills and rear fascia.

Interiors were equipped with leather upholstery, power windows, three-way electronically adjustable power seats, and a new climate-control system with revised air conditioning that was more reliable than its predecessor. European-specified examples were desirably equipped with six downdraft Weber carburetors, an intake arrangement that yielded an estimated 55 horsepower more than the fuel-injected manifolds fitted to U.S.-bound cars. European cars were also equipped with different bumpers that were smaller and more elegant than their American counterparts.

In production for less than two years, the highly evolved 25th Anniversary Countach was built in a modest quantity of just 657 examples before giving way to the Diablo model in 1990. They remain the most advanced development of the legendary Countach, both cosmetically and mechanically, offering improved comfort and higher performance while constituting an important swan song to Lamborghini’s most pivotal model.

This remarkably well-maintained example of the extremely desirable anniversary model benefits from ideal upkeep over nine years of current ownership, as well as a low odometer reading of just 6,648 kilometers (4,131 miles) at cataloguing time. Finished in arresting Rosso Siviglia paint over an interior of beige leather, this Countach was distributed new to the marque dealership Garage Roland Affolter in Porrentruy, Switzerland (Lamborghini of Porrentruy).

According to this Countach’s warranty booklet, the car was sold new in December 1993 to Alexandre Frei of Holderbank, Switzerland, quite possibly the well-known racing driver who regularly campaigned Lamborghinis. Evidently accruing very little mileage, the 25th Anniversary edition was eventually returned to the dealership. The consignor, a respected collector based in Kuwait, acquired the Countach in October 2013. At the time, the odometer displayed 6,525 kilometers (4,054 miles).

Invoices on file reflect that the car was regularly submitted for service to a local specialist, including the installation of a sport exhaust in 2014 and a new alternator belt in 2019. Accompanied by a tool roll and owner’s manuals, this nicely maintained 25th Anniversary edition example presents with characteristic flair, exhibiting a gentle patina to the paint and interior. The car has accrued just 123 kilometers (76 miles) over the last nine years, and it is probably one of the least driven European-specified examples to be publicly offered.

This low-mileage, well-maintained quintessential Countach would make a sensational acquisition for any supercar collector or Lamborghini enthusiast, ideal for presentation at marque events, concours d’elegances, or Supercar Sundays. Offering a uniquely visceral driving experience with a rumbling V-12 engine note, this remarkable Lamborghini would also make a scintillating complement to any sporting collection as a strong example of the ultimate Countach iteration.