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1972 McLaren M21

Offered from The Jody Scheckter Collection


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Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



Chassis No.
2 [See text]
Gearbox No.
Bill of Sale Only
  • Offered from The Jody Scheckter Collection
  • A very rare McLaren—one of three examples in existence
  • Built using a spare chassis for Jody Scheckter and identified by McLaren as chassis number 2
  • Presented in the famous McLaren Papaya Orange colours of Scheckter’s 1972 Formula 2 season
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Designed by Ralph Bellamy, the McLaren M21 was built to compete in the 1972 Formula 2 season. It was lower, flatter and sharper than its predecessor, with a more aggressive stance. Jody Scheckter drove a M21 to victory at the 1972 race in Crystal Palace, London. Noted powerplants were the Ford-Cosworth BDA, BDE, and BDF inline-four engines, varying from 1.6- to 1.9-litre output. All examples were equipped with a five-speed Hewland L.G. manual gearbox.

As detailed by Allen Brown in his report on chassis “2”, it was born out of a restoration project conducted by Kerry Adams in the late-1990s. The first M21 was wrecked in France during the 1970s, with the remains unlocated. However, Chris MacAllister and McLaren International owned two chassis that Steve Prior and Tony Trimmer had used in Formula Atlantic in 1975, alongside a spare monocoque. Adams was able to construct three cars during this project and as none of them had been assigned chassis numbers, McLaren decided to issue three numbers following the completion of these cars.

Chassis “1” was allocated to McLaren’s car, chassis “2” for Jody Scheckter’s machine, and chassis “3” for Chris MacAllister’s racer. Scheckter has remained the sole owner of chassis “2” since the late-1990s, and the car is liveried in the famous McLaren Papaya Orange colours of his 1972 Formula 2 season.

This McLaren M21 presents an unrepeatable opportunity to own an extremely rare McLaren, adorned in its legendary colours, which is highly eligible for a various of historic motor racing events.