Lot 120

Monaco 2022

1995 Jet-Zet Speed Boat


€31,200 EUR | Sold

Monaco | Monte Carlo, Monaco



Bill of Sale Only
  • Powered by a 50-horsepower Kawasaki 650 jet-ski engine
  • A fabulous hand-built example constructed in Finland
  • Fabricated from pine and mahogany, giving it a Riva-style appearance
  • Just 3.7 metres long, 1.25 metres wide, and weighing 250 kilograms
  • Supplied with a harbour trailer for ease of transport
Addendum: Please note, while the accompanying Finnish registration issued by Traficom is titled as 1998, the boat is believed to have originated in 1995.

A Finnish man named Hannu Viren once acquired a 1980s Kawasaki jet-ski and took the decision to create something exciting and unique. Mr Viren began designing and constructing a mahogany speedboat utilising a jet-ski powerplant.

An accomplished woodworker, Mr Viren fabricated the superstructure from pine, using plywood to form the hull, which was then veneered in mahogany, with the deck itself featuring inlayed pine in contrast against the dark mahogany. The outside-facing surfaces were finished with epoxy resin, five coats of two-component lacquer, and a final coat of lacquer applied in an automotive painting booth for further durability against the elements. The result of this lengthy process is the immense glossy finish that the Jet-Zet boasts. Inside the cabin, the high level of craftsmanship continues. The floors and side panels are finished in mahogany, and a dark green vinyl bench seat complements the deck’s finish. The metals that go into the steering wheel, throttle grip, and window frames were all crafted by the boat’s creator, a skilled metal worker.

The fruit of Mr Viren’s labour is the miniature speed boat he named the Jet-Zet, at just 3.7 metres long, 1.25 metres wide and with an unladen weight of 250 kilograms. The relatively lightweight construction of the vessel means that the 50-horsepower Kawasaki jet-ski engine can propel the Jet-Zet up to a claimed top speed of 35 knots—equivalent to around or 65 km/h—with two passengers on board. The reported running time in a straight line is four hours, with a fuel consumption of 10 litres per hour. The durable flat epoxy underside makes it possible to land the Jet-Zet on any surface, beach or jet-ski platform.

Photographs on file show the boat in use, the owner claims that it is newly revarnished, and for ease of transportation the Jet-Zet is accompanied by a harbour trailer. On file is an article in a Finnish boating magazine, detailing the construction of the Jet-Zet, and confirming this is the only example built, with its creator quoted as saying: ‘I will not make another one, I don’t repeat it.’ In summary, the Jet-Zet is the perfect miniature speedboat that could be used by skippers in closed or open waters in any part of the world. Even as a tender for a larger vessel, the new owner can be sure to cruise in style wherever they chose to venture.