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Monaco 2012

2002 Ducati 1000 SS Corsa


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Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



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Specifications: 992 cc SOHC Desmo V-twin, six speeds.

The 1000 SS evolved from the long-running 900 SS with a 992-cc fuel-injected two-valve engine. It generated 84 horsepower, topped out at 134 mph and was intended to be a fast sport tourer, designed more for the Ducati traditionalist who wanted more of a fairing than was provided by the Paul Smart 1000LE or the bare-bones Sport 1000.

The 1000 SS Corsa offered here carries a simpler fairing, which is based on the 1990-97 Supersport, and looks like a throwback to the 851/888, but the tank and seat are from an earlier SS. The mileage is unknown, but this racing motorcycle, prepared by Carlo Saltarelli, was intended for privateers and is presented in good original condition with a Conti exhaust and presentable paintwork. It would make for an exciting track day special but has no race history.