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Monaco 2012

1962 Ducati 48 Piuma


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Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



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Specifications: 48 cc single-cylinder two-stroke, three speeds.

One of the more dubious enterprises Ducati undertook was to produce a range of moped and lightweight two-stroke motorcycles. Designed to encourage brand loyalty and to expand the sales volume, there were more two-stroke models than four-stroke for a while during the 1960s. The first of these two-strokes was the 48 Sport of 1958, this evolving into the Brisk and similar Piuma (Puma for the U.K.) in 1961. The Brisk and Piuma were both very basic machines designed to appeal to students. Setting the Piuma apart from the single-speed Brisk was a three-speed unit gearbox, with a hand gear change incorporated in the throttle grip. Starting was by pedal. Apart from the transmission, the Brisk and Piuma were virtually identical, with the same engine specification, although the Piuma had larger section tires. The 1962 48 Piuma offered here is in original and unrestored condition.