Lot 116

Monaco 2012

1950 Ducati 60


€2,340 EUR | Sold

Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



Frame No.
68894 E
Engine No.

Specifications: 65 cc OHV single cylinder, three speeds.

By 1950 Ducati had sold 200,000 “Cucciolo” bicycle motors. In fact business had been so brisk that bicycle makers were building bikes specifically to be fitted with motors. Ducati had talked with former aircraft manufacturers Aero Caproni about building complete motorcycles together, but each had different plans. So Ducati went out on its own, launching the 60 Sport in March 1950. Developed from the Cucciolo, it was a 65-cc four-stroke OHV single, capable of 40 mph and 200 mpg.

The bike for sale is the first real motorcycle model built by a company that’s now a worldwide brand with innumerable racing championships and a reputation for building the best sport bikes. It is an older restoration with a pleasing patina and surely a must-have for the serious Ducati collector.