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Monaco 2012

1959 Ducati 200 Elite


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Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



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Specifications: 204 cc SOHC single, four speeds.

The 200 Elite was introduced in 1959, developed by boring the 175-cc motor by 5 mm, to a capacity of 204 cc. Top speed was boosted to 87 mph, and the 245-pound Elite generated 18 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. It also wore the jelly mould tank, clip-on bars and dual mufflers of the 175, and both models gained 18-inch wheels. The engine of the Elite proved practically unbreakable if it was being raced or merely ridden hard.

Good examples of the 200 Elite are hard to find these days, as most owners like to keep them and ride them. They are also welcome entrants at numerous vintage events. The bike on offer here is an extremely nice older restoration, with excellent paint and chrome, and will certainly gain admiring glances whether on the road or the show field.