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Monaco 2012

1973 Ducati Condor 350 Militare


€1,755 EUR | Sold

Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



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Specifications: 340 cc SOHC single, five speeds.

Ducati built a number of 350-cc Mark 3s for the Swiss Army in the early 1970s, but because the Swiss Army could only buy Swiss bikes, they had them all rebadged as Condors. The contract also addressed a number of shortcomings in the original Ducati design, and the result was a very well-sorted machine. The oil filter was modified to fit a standard Ducati, and there was a bolt-up exhaust flange, an oil dipstick and filler setup. The rear wheel was designed to be removed without having to deal with the chain, and the seat mount and electrical connectors were designed for ease of access. The bike on offer is an original, unrestored example in sound condition.