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Monaco 2012

1976 Porsche 934 Turbo RSR FIA GR/4


€476,000 EUR | Sold

Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



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Addendum: Please note that this vehicle is eligible for import into the UK at a reduced rate of 5% VAT.
Please note that the gearbox of this car was replaced in period.

485 bhp, 2,993 cc turbo-charged SOHC fuel-injected air-cooled flat six-cylinder engine, four-speed manual gearbox, four-wheel independent suspension with coil springs and Bilstein shock absorbers, and four-wheel “917” type ventilated disc brakes. Wheelbase: 2,272 mm (89.4")

• The last of only 31 examples produced

• All “matching numbers”

• Low mileage original and unrestored example

• Museum displayed; 16,133 original km

• Recent sympathetic servicing and full freshening

• Extremely unique and functional piece of Porsche racing history

• Last truly “road-legal” homologated race car of its type ever

Homologated for the 1976 racing season, only 31 examples of the 934 Turbo RSR were manufactured, with most of them campaigned by private teams. The model’s zenith of success against even more purpose-built race machines came at the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans, where a 934 placed an incredible fourth overall. More important to Porsche, however, was the overall World Sports Car and World Championship for Makes victories achieved in both 1976 and 1977, as a result of the individual victories achieved by a multitude of 934s, 935s and 936s at nearly every race imaginable world-wide in that time frame.

By 1979, the idea of a road-legal race car had come to an end and rule changes going forward would prohibit such a class in top-level racing. This was truly the end of an era never to be repeated. This was, in fact, the very last time that a private individual could literally walk into the Porsche factory or his local dealership, purchase a 934 off the floor, drive it to a race, finish and drive it back home again! The 934 was the very last fully road-legal, world-class, top-level competitive race car Porsche would ever build.

Chassis 930.670.0540

This particular 934 is the last of only 31 examples ever built. These one-year only models were rare when new and even more so today. This particular example is especially unique, as it is likely the last completely original example that survives in as-delivered condition.

Normal race attrition took a heavy toll on Porsche’s 934s when campaigned in period. To address this and keep the model competitive, in 1977, Porsche produced ten more “934.5” versions to supplement those lost, as well as provide new teams and clients a means to continue competing. A fair number of the original 31 different 934s built in 1976 that survived the first few seasons of racing were steadily and heavily updated in the ensuing years. In doing so, many were fitted with larger, over-sized front fuel tanks that often necessitated the removal of the original stamped-in chassis boss. The fitting of front “tube-frames” and removable fibreglass front body work often led to the removal of the riveted-in chassis tag and the last visual means to identify an individual car by its born-with chassis number and unique identity. As such today, there are more than a handful of 934s with “mystery” histories, due to their born-with identities being removed as a result of racing and development over time. Whilst today, such a practice might seem strange, this was after all, simply “racing” and those who prepared and campaigned these machines never concerned themselves with what anyone might think twenty and thirty years later.

This particular 934 never suffered such a fate. Its unique history, limited use and special treatment have ensured that its unique identity and purity are without question. This 934 was ordered new by Wolfgang Kauwertz, a German national racing privateer who was also a favoured Porsche client. It was ordered new in the stunning, but standard, production colour combination of Continental Orange over the race ready black interior. Kauwertz is believed to have campaigned this 934 in the 1976 season, as well as other 934s at numerous European venues in the 1977 through to the 1979 seasons. Sorting through which exact 934 he ran at individual races has proven quite difficult and as of yet, is unconfirmed.

In any case, this 934 was by all accounts remarkably well preserved and still essentially new when stored by Kauwertz in 1979, first in Germany and later in Austria. Not long thereafter, rumours of the existence of a miraculously original Porsche Turbo RSR buzzed about until this example was eventually pried loose and sold in 1991, to a private consortium of Japanese collectors who displayed the car in their personal museum outside Tokyo, where it remained sparingly used until late last year.

This 934 was finally acquired by the consignor after several years of patient negotiations in December 2011. It was initially purchased with the notion of vintage competition, specifically for the very popular Le Mans Classic and other historic races and rallies. Upon delivery, however, it was quickly judged far too original to subject it to the rigors of the track; thus, it was simply mechanically freshened with new soft parts and fuel lines for optimal presentation and operating condition.

The car is otherwise near 100% original and verified incredibly as being “all matching numbers”, a rare claim, indeed, for any race car from any period. It also appears, after close inspection, to retain, in near perfect condition, nearly all of the original Continental Orange paint, now more than 35 years old!

At the time of the consignor’s acquisition, this car displayed just 16,133 original kilometres (10,024 miles), and it has since been driven exceedingly sparingly only to ensure it is in full operational, “as new” condition. To ensure this, immediately upon arrival in the United States, and prior to any operation, this 934 was delivered to marque specialist Wayne Baker in San Diego, California. Baker was hand selected, as there is likely no individual with more direct and specific knowledge of the unique nature of the 934 and its specialised construction. Baker is not only a world recognised specialist in the care and maintenance of these types of Porsches, he is also well remembered as having some of the greatest on-track success with them in period, with a career highlight win in his own 934 at the coveted 12 Hours of Sebring in 1983!

Baker and his staff performed a comprehensive overall evaluation that included a complete engine inspection, which confirmed that the original flat-six motor continues to develop proper compression on all cylinders. The engine and gearbox were carefully removed and a comprehensive servicing was performed, with careful attention paid to keeping everything original as possible. The replacement of the original fuel and oil lines, as well as a careful rebuild of the intercooler water pump, was also carried out at this time. Upon completion of all services, the gearbox was disassembled and carefully cleaned, inspected and reassembled with all new seals, bearings and synchros, where needed.

Fresh from exhibition at the 2012 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, this brutish and handsome 934 Turbo RSR offers wonderful originality in authentic details like the Repa race harnesses, Coco floor mats and the original date-coded Heinzmann three-point fire suppression system.

This is an exceptionally rare and well-documented example of an important model that has benefited from minimal use and dutiful care by just two owners over the majority of its lifetime. As many as 934 examples were raced to the point of failure or converted to 935 specifications, this Turbo RSR is likely one of just a handful of such cars that remains today.