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1967 Triumph Mountain Cub


$4,200 USD | Sold

United States | Las Vegas, Nevada



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1967 proved to be a year of many changes both on the road and the track. The UK speed limit is increased to 70 mph. This year, breathalyzer tests are introduced in the UK. Honda withdraws from GP racing. Ariel cease production. Matchless ceases production. Royal Enfield sells off machines and stock. Bridgestone sales hit slump under new US anti-pollution laws. NVT hires Dr. Stephan Bauer from Rolls Royce to design their new Commando model with isoclastic frame. Italian Bianchi closes. Parilla (Italy) closes motorcycle production. Bianchi (Italy) ceases motorcycle production.

Through it all the Triumph Mountain Cub evolved from the basic T200 Cub. Easyly identified as the Mountian Cub by its high exhaust pipe and dressed in big brothers clothes sporting some cosmetic and a few mechanical changes .This bike has been completly restored and is a consistant first place and best of show winner,many times over.Less than 250 built. This machine has travelled only 4506 miles since new.these little bikes continued on as a customer favorite

This particular offering is a shining example of a detailed restoration. Well executed and a bike to be proud of.

Easy to ride, managable, economical, and most of all.. FUN! Offerd at no reserve!