Lot 125

London 2022

1985 Ferrari 288 GTO

Offered from The Gran Turismo Collection


£3,250,000 - £4,000,000 GBP | Not Sold

United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom



Chassis No.
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  • Part of The Gran Turismo Collection since 2012
  • One of 272 Ferrari 288 GTOs built
  • Ferrari Classiche-certified, retaining its matching-numbers body, chassis, differential, engine, and gearbox
  • Finished in Rosso Corsa over a Pelle Nera interior
  • Delivered with air conditioning and power windows; fitted with Megaphone exhausts
  • The odometer reads 23,609 kilometres at time of cataloguing
  • Accompanied by Ferrari jack bag, manuals, spare wheel, and toolkit

With the sale of road cars declining in the early-1980s, Enzo Ferrari concluded that his company had strayed too far from its competition roots. Ferrari seized the opportunity to reintroduce cutting edge engineering through the development and manufacture of a flagship supercar: the 288 GTO. If the revival of the “GTO” moniker wasn’t enough of a statement of intent, chief engineer Nicola Materazzi drove home the point, hailing the new machine as the model that “truly meant the rebirth of the ‘real’ Ferrari”.

A masterpiece of engineering, the 288 GTO had at its heart a 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V-8 engine, which was mid-mounted in a steel-tube chassis that had been developed beyond recognition from the 308. Clothed in competition-derived carbon fibre and Kevlar composite, the 288 GTO was arguably one of Pininfarina’s greatest designs; a perfect blend of aggression and elegance that paid homage to Ferrari’s unrivalled competition history. The only non-functional vents decorating the stunning body were the “GTO” gills on the rear wings, and while the seats appeared to be of the traditional “Daytona” style, they were actually constructed with lightweight Kevlar frames.

As part of Ferrari’s wish to create a competition car for the road, the “Omologato” criteria was fulfilled by building the required 200 cars for Group B homologation, which it duly received in June 1985 before the legendary series was outlawed. Although the 288 did not make it to the World Sportscar Championship, its all-new engine was developed as part of the Lancia LC2 Group C programme, a car which had shown lightning-fast pace against the Porsche 956s.

This 288 GTO, chassis 56339, was finished in Rosso Corsa over a Pelle Nera leather interior, and was delivered new with air conditioning and power windows. Collected directly from the factory on 11 June 1985, the car was jointly owned by two doctors, one residing in New York, the other in Salzburg, Austria. Initially registered on Italian export license plates, this Ferrari was driven across Europe and was first serviced by Charles Pozzi S.A. on 10 July 1985, with the odometer reading noted as 3,117 kilometres. A document dated 5 March 1986 shows one owner giving the other legal permission to drive chassis 56339, which is exactly what took place. Despite never entering the United States, this 288 GTO was driven in Italy on New York license plates from 1988 to 2000. Please note, chassis 56339 was never exported to the United States, and as such has no EPA or DOT type approvals.

In April 1991, one of the two owners bought the other’s share, taking full ownership of the car. He retained it until 18 May 2002, when the Ferrari was sold at auction and purchased by the Dutch Ferrari importer, Fritz Kroymans. Invoices from Kroymans’ Ferrari dealership date from 2006 to 2009 and total in excess of €5,000. The car was inspected by marque expert Marcel Massini on 9 June 2009, who noted the mileage as being 13,063 kilometres.

On 24 March 2010, chassis 56339 was certified by Ferrari Classiche and received its “Red Book”. Ferrari stated this 288 GTO retained its matching numbers body, chassis, differential, engine, and gearbox. Recent photographs of these numbers can be found on file. The car was noted as retaining its factory-correct Rosso Corsa paint and Pelle Nera interior.

In 2010, chassis 56339 was sold to the third owner in the UK via marque specialist Talacrest, and was first registered on 23 July 2010. Invoices on file show that Maranello Sales Egham serviced the car and repaired an electric window motor on 10 June 2010 at a cost of £2,026. In July of the following year, DK Engineering carried out over £8,000-worth of work including removal of the engine and gearbox, and steam-cleaning both units and the engine bay. Both turbochargers were rebuilt and a major service was carried out, alongside a host of remedial works and routine maintenance.

Shortly after servicing at DK Engineering, the third owner sold chassis 56339 back to Talacrest, after which it was bought by the consignor and registered in February 2012. Prior to entering The Gran Turismo Collection, Maranello Sales Egham tested and repaired the cooling system, as well as adjusting the valve timing. Further to that, almost £14,000 was spent with the Ferrari specialist Tim Samways in 2017, covering a new clutch, a major service, replacement of the timing and auxiliary belts, and much more. More recently, in September 2022, £4,792 was spent with DK Engineering to re-seal the bell housing and replace the clutch release bearing.

Chassis 56339 is accompanied by its Ferrari Classiche “Red Book”, Ferrari Owner’s Manual, Sale and Service Organisation book, Warranty Card and Owner’s Service Book, toolkit, space saver spare wheel, and jack bag. The odometer reads 23,609 kilometres at the time of cataloguing.

With known history and comprehensive service records, chassis 56339 is a reflection of the fastidious level of care bestowed upon it throughout its 37-year life. A stunning example of Ferrari’s seminal supercar, this 288 GTO is sure to be an attractive proposition for Ferrari collectors and enthusiasts.