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London 2021

1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 1300 Junior


£189,750 GBP | Sold

United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom



Chassis No.
AR 775816
  • Offered in “Stradale” configuration and registered for road use
  • Among the first of 447 Giulia GTA 1300 Junior models made between 1968 and 1975
  • Subject to over €17,000 of restoration work by German marque specialist, Werner Hofaichner, in 2014
  • Further £25,000 spent on an engine strip-down and rebuild in 2021, carried out by John Danby Racing
  • Accompanied by documentation, including verification letters from Alfa Romeo Owners Club and Alfa Romeo Automobilisimo Storico
  • Eligible for historic rallies and track events

At the beginning of the 1960s, Alfa Romeo was enjoying a return to success in motorsport. Having retired from competition in the preceding decade to focus on industrial production, the famous marque from Milan reignited its competitive streak with victories for the Giulia Sprint GTA and 1750 GTAm in the European Touring Car Championship, reserved for cars modified from mass production models. In 1968, riding on its earlier successes, Alfa Romeo elected to participate in the class reserved for smaller displacement engines. The Giulia GTA 1300 Junior was born.

At the heart of the new Alfa Romeo was a 1.3-litre, twin-cam, straight four-cylinder engine—small enough to comply with its intended race class—based on the existing larger 1,600-cubic-centimetre powertrain but with a shorter stroke camshaft. Of the 447 examples of the Giulia GTA 1300 Junior made between 1968 to 1975, almost every model was finished in the recognisable “Alfa Rosso” red livery with contrasting white elements. The car was an immediate hit with racing fans and created an enduring legacy as a competitive sports car that was cheaper to run than other contemporary models by Alfa Romeo.

This example, chassis number AR 775816, was completed on 11 July 1968 and acquired by an Alfa Romeo dealership in Salerno, Italy. The car was first registered for the road on 15 December 1970 and the accompanying history file suggests that the Giulia GTA 1300 Junior remained in Italy for much of its early life. In 1985, the car was sold by Mr. Gambini Valerio, an Italian racing driver, to Mr. Brunati Franco of Germany. The Alfa Romeo would stay in his possession until 2006, when it was acquired by Mr. Markus Kiesgen, also of Germany, an Italian car enthusiast and founder of Ferrari Club Deutschland. In 2014, chassis number AR 775816 changed hands in Germany again, bought by Mr. Nortber Wollner of Oberhaching. Shortly afterwards, Alfa Romeo marque specialists Werner Hofaichner, near Munich, carried out over €17,000 of restoration work, including an engine rebuild.

This Alfa Romeo was imported into the United Kingdom in 2015 by prominent collector and historic racing driver, Mr. Richard Frankel. Titled with the age-appropriate registration of “HHW 607G,” the car retains this number plate today. After arriving in England, its new owner had the car inspected by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, whose correspondence is noted in the history file, along with letters from Alfa Romeo Automobilisimo Storico. Throughout 2021, the Alfa Romeo was subject to an engine rebuild by John Danby Racing of Colchester, Essex, totalling in excess of £25,000. The car is set up in “Stradale”—or “street”—configuration, featuring glass windows rather than Plexiglas, flying buttress seats, and other features that differentiate from the “Corsa”—“track”—model.