Lot 173

London 2019

2016 Noble M600 CarbonSport

Offered from a Private Collection


£170,000 - £220,000 GBP | Not Sold

United Kingdom | Kensington, London, United Kingdom



Chassis No.
  • Rare “CarbonSport” M600 with Maroon carbon-fibre bodywork
  • Virtually as-new throughout with only delivery mileage
  • A seldom-seen British-built supercar to contend with the best

Built in Leicester, the Noble M600 was first announced in 2009, ten years after the company’s founding, and sought to prove that Noble could compete with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. Starting at around £200,000, it entered production roughly a year later, offering hypercar performance at supercar prices. With a 4.4-litre twin-turbo Yamaha-Judd V-8 at its heart that produced 662 bhp, performance was truly astonishing.

Tipping the scale at only 1,198 kg, this meant the M600 boasted a power-to-weight ratio of 558 bhp per tonne. The sprint to 60 mph will take just three seconds, and 120 mph will follow in just 8.9 seconds; Noble estimates a top speed of 225 mph. With no ABS or stability control, it is certainly not a car to take liberties with, but one that rewards talented drivers with thrilling performance. When Top Gear tested the M600, they found that it lapped their test track faster than both the Bugatti Veyron and the Pagani Zonda F Roadster, a truly incredible feat for such a small company.

Noble produces three distinct body styles available for the M600: the coupe, the open-top speedster, and the style offered here, the CarbonSport. The CarbonSport edition of the M600 enhances the vehicle’s visual appeal with a fully exposed carbon-fibre body which can also be coloured upon request, like this example’s Maroon-coloured carbon bodywork. This fully exposed carbon fibre required exhaustive attention to detail to ensure a perfect lay-up, meaning the CarbonSport was offered at a far greater price than the standard coupe, a list price of £360,000. Built for the 2016 model year and to left-hand-drive configuration, this is build number 009 for the M600 CarbonSport, as boasted by a plaque on the car’s interior. This Noble’s interior is beautifully trimmed in black leather with contrasting red stitching. Bringing the car’s exterior colour scheme inside, the gearshift knob, emergency-brake handle, and racing-harness openings in the seats are also finished in Maroon carbon fibre.

Despite the company’s twenty-year history, Nobles have developed a passionate following and remain as an incredible alternative for someone looking for something that stands out amongst the usual supercar crowd. Boasting stunning Maroon carbon-fibre bodywork, this virtually as-new Noble M600 CarbonSport would surely be a thrill to drive and enjoy.