Lot 111

London 2018

1982 Tuk-Tuk "Octopussy"

The Weird & Wonderful Collection


£7,800 GBP | Sold

United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom



Chassis No.
Bill of Sale Only
  • Believed to be the Tuk Tuk commandeered by Octopussy villain Gobinda
  • Built on frame of 1982 Honda 250R

Although Roger Moore’s sixth film as James Bond rarely tops lists of favourite Bond movies, the one scene that never fails to capture audience attention is the chase scene through Udaipur, India. Bond, having just beaten the exiled Afghan prince in a rousing game of backgammon, leaves the palace only to be followed by Kamal Khan’s henchman – on Indian tuk tuks!

This tuk tuk, believed to be the tuk tuk driven by henchman Gobinda, is built upon the frame of a 1982 Honda 250R ATC three-wheeler. According to the London Film Museum, Honda three-wheelers were utilised for the stunt vehicles, although the engines were uprated by stunt driver Remy Julienne.

As per to the current owner, this Tuk Tuk was sold by Julienne to the Cars of the Stars Museum in England, which featured several James Bond vehicles. After being sold by the museum to a private owner, the Tuk Tuk was put up for sale and purchased by the current owner.

Although in no shape to chase 007 through a street market, this Tuk Tuk carries with it all the charm and charisma of a silver screen star.