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London 2018

2011 Peel Trident

The Weird & Wonderful Collection


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United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom



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  • A new-production Trident from 2011
  • Old car charm in current-day production!

Developed from the existing Peel P50, the Trident sought to take Peel to new heights . . . but of course not in regular car stature! Advertised optimistically as featuring ‘saloon car comfort with scooter cost’, this was Peel’s idea of a larger, more comfortable car.

The Trident first broke cover at the 1964 Earls Court Motorcycle Show, two years after the P50 was unveiled at the same show. Although it boasted an all-new body, underneath Peel chose to retain the P50’s Zweirad Union single-cylinder engine and gearbox with three forward speeds, good for 38 mph and reportedly 100 mpg.

The clear plastic dome above the driver offers 100% visibility and tilts forward to offer easy entry. Designed to accommodate two occupants, the Trident would be a tight squeeze for more than the driver and a bag or two of small luggage. Like nothing else on the road and consistent with the public’s appetite for all things outer space at the time of its unveiling, it was almost Martian in appearance, giving Peel a natural slogan of ‘Your transport of tomorrow – today’ for the Trident.

Fast forward to 2011. Peel Engineering Ltd. started to manufacture the Trident once again, with production taking place near Nottingham. Each new Trident is built to order with both petrol and electric powerplants available. Almost visually identical to its older siblings, this exciting Trident offers its next owner the thrills of microcar enjoyment with added reliability thanks to its recent build and modern components.