Lot 204

London 2018

1994 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6


£189,750 GBP | Sold

United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom



Chassis No.
Engine No.
  • Retains its original engine
  • Finished in elegant Midnight Blue Metallic over Grey leather
  • Outfitted with the desirable factory sport seats

Porsche’s Type 964, with its new and more rounded body profile styled by Benjamin Dimson, reached showrooms mid-way through the 1989 model year. The first 964 was marketed as the Carrera 4, denoting its adoption of Porsche’s new all-wheel-drive system; the rear-wheel-drive Carrera 2 followed a few months later. The 3.6-liter 964 Turbo was introduced in January of 1993, the final year of 964 production, and 650 were constructed. The Turbo offered a lowered and strengthened suspension and wider, 18-in. diameter Speedline modular wheels, Brembo brake callipers and front shock tower brace. In lieu of the 964’s electrically operated engine-lid-mounted spoiler, Turbos were fitted with a fixed ‘tea-tray’ rear wing whose pedestal made room for the full-width air-to-air intercooler under-hood. Low-end response of the gloriously powerful air-cooled flat-six had been enhanced with changes to its camshaft profiles, fuel injection system and engine management and exhaust-driven turbocharger, providing massive low-end torque.

This made the 3.6 Turbo a very exciting car to drive, capable of 0–62 mph sprints in a hair over four seconds and tremendous stopping power of 1.2 g. To quote Car & Driver magazine, which tested the new model in May 1993:

‘The new, more powerful car is easier and more predictable to drive aggressively than any recent 911 Turbo. One no longer needs to have graduated from the Hans Stuck opposite-lock academy to explore the full potential of this car’s awesome power.’

This Turbo 3.6 was delivered by British Porsche distributor AFN Chiswick to Mr John Maxwell of Chesham, and according to its duly stamped Service Booklet received its first dealer service 14 November 1995, its odometer reading 1,154 miles. Services were performed at regular intervals at official Porsche Centres and independent shops, which is all stamped in the service booklet, tracing the car’s accrual of mileage service history. The latest service recorded was a brake fluid change in 2017.

The warranty and service booklet indicates three additional owners subsequent to Mr Maxwell, all residing in the UK, but exact dates of ownership changes and further additional owners are unknown. Its original speedometer was replaced by AFN Chiswick on 23 March 1998 at 13,621 km, for an MPH unit as noted in the service booklet. The odometer currently displays 42,271, so the correct mileage should be approximately 55,891 miles in total.

Resplendent in Special Order F8 Midnight Blue Metallic paint with a Classic Gray leather interior, this handsome 3.6 Turbo is factory-equipped with both driver and passenger sport seats, air conditioning and a 930S-style leather-wrapped steering wheel with painted centre crest. The Porsche enthusiast seeking an understated but very powerful road car need look no further.