Lot 245

Hershey 2023

1930 LaSalle Series 340 Convertible Coupe by Fisher


$44,000 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • A lovely example from Cadillac’s pre-war companion brand, offering beauty, style, and performance in a scaled-down package
  • Originally built for Ron Pulitzer, son of noted publisher Joseph Pulitzer
  • Benefits from a comprehensive restoration completed in 2021
  • Accompanied by copies of its original build sheet and other period LaSalle documents
  • Qualifies as a CCCA Full Classic
Please note that this lot is titled as a 1931.

LaSalle was conceived in the mid-1920s as one of several new brands intended to fill price gaps in General Motors’ product portfolio. It launched in 1927 positioned as a companion brand to Cadillac, offering more sporting and slightly scaled-down offerings at a lower price point. Styling largely mirrored that of Cadillac, but performance was improved thanks to the smaller, nimbler chassis on a 134-inch wheelbase—six inches shorter than Cadillac’s. For 1930, Fleetwood produced six body styles and Fisher produced seven, including the Series 340 Convertible Coupe offered here. Power came from a 340-cubic-inch V-8 engine rated at 90 horsepower. LaSalle production lasted until 1940.

This example was built for Mr. Ron Pulitzer, son of noted publisher Joseph Pulitzer, as confirmed by a copy of the car’s original build sheet on file. It shipped to Brooklyn, New York on 21 February 1930. Pulitzer ordered it in gray with a black top and fenders. Interestingly, he also stipulated an uncommon color, Borgia Wine, for the leather interior and a matching exterior stripe. The car was fitted from the factory with wire wheels and two fender-mounted spares.

Not much is known of the car’s history immediately following Mr. Pulitzer’s ownership, though it is said to have resurfaced after World War II, reportedly discovered in an Ohio field. A Mr. Brian Coffee is believed to have acquired the Convertible Coupe and partially disassembled the bodywork for restoration. With little progress made over 20 years of ownership, he would sell the LaSalle to the consignor in January 2018. The new owner immediately set about a comprehensive restoration, sourcing missing parts, stripping the body to bare metal, repairing the bodywork, and repainting it to its current scheme of cream and black. Special leather was carefully sourced to match the original’s hue; the top was reconstructed from a period photograph. The three-year restoration process also encompassed considerable mechanical refurbishment. With the work completed in 2021, the Convertible Coupe was back on the road for the first time since the 1950s.

Still quite presentable today, this wonderful LaSalle Series 340 is an excellent candidate for showing locally. As a Full Classic, it would be a great choice for anyone seeking entry into the Classic Car Club of America, where one can experience this model’s vaunted performance on CARavans or other pre-war tours.