Lot 260

Hershey 2023

1930 Cadillac V-8 All-Weather Phaeton by Fleetwood


$85,000 - $115,000 USD | Not Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • Custom Fleetwood body style rarely encountered on the V-8 chassis
  • Unrestored survivor believed to retain the original interior, chrome, and most of the original paint; and equipped with its original factory engine
  • Faithfully maintained by just three gentlemen owners since 1960
  • Fascinating history of European use throughout much of its life
  • Ideal candidate for preservation class exhibition; a CCCA Full Classic eligible for CARavan touring

This remarkable Cadillac is an impressively original example featuring All-Weather Phaeton coachwork by Fleetwood, as confirmed by the factory build record on file. This Fleetwood custom body style, rarely found on the marque’s celebrated V-8 chassis, was more commonly built for the exclusive V-16 chassis.

Finished in a color scheme of Duco Maroon with Vermillion pinstriping over Crockett Brown, the Cadillac was trimmed with Taupe Bedford cord weatherproof upholstery. The custom-built character of this Phaeton is further demonstrated by the matching Duco Maroon-painted frame and fenders, which were usually finished in black, complemented by painted wire wheels and dual side-mounted spares.

As evidenced by its affixed original distributorship tag, 504806 was dispatched upon completion to the Inglis M. Uppercu Cadillac Corporation in Newark, New Jersey, for export. Destined for France, the Phaeton lived life showing telltale signs of chauffeur-driven use with enhanced wear on the front driver’s-side running board and the rear passenger-side running board.

In 1960, the Cadillac was acquired in France by Allentown, Pennsylvania-based collector Leonard Pool, best known as the founder of the company Air Products. Following Mr. Pool’s passing in 1975, the car was purchased from his widow by fellow Allentown resident Bernie Berman, a noted collector of art and automobiles.

Within a few years, Mr. Berman shipped the Cadillac back to France to show and drive it in European rallies. Among other events, the Phaeton was presented at the 1988 GP de Suresnes Concours d’Elegance held at the world-renowned Schlumpf Collection, where it won a first-place award. 504806 then ran two FIVA rallies during the late 1990s, including participation in the 1998 Parade of the Century through Paris. Acquired circa 2011 by an experienced connoisseur of American classics, the Cadillac was returned to the United States, and with assistance by the respected Brian Joseph it has ever since been fastidiously maintained and regularly toured by the consignor.

This All-Weather Phaeton displays impressive authenticity, as the interior is believed to be completely original, and the coachwork retains a majority of its factory-original paint, with the only noticeable signs of restoration being replacement of the convertible top. Further testaments to the car’s originality are evident in the brightwork, matching carpeted footrests, and decades-old service stickers that remain affixed to the door jamb. The level of originality displayed makes this Cadillac an ideal candidate for concours preservation class exhibition.

This remarkably original Fleetwood All-Weather Phaeton from the marque’s sought after early 1930s era is clearly one of the purest examples extant, sure to delight the next caretaker with its fascinating period details and exceptional drivability.