Lot 421

Hershey 2023

1942 Packard Super Eight 180 All-Weather Town Car by Rollson


$41,250 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Vehicle No.
US Title
  • One of just three examples built in 1942
  • A well-presented example from the Super Eight’s last year
  • The final “cataloged” Packard town car
  • Fitted with desirable options

Even today, the legendary name of Packard is synonymous with prewar luxury. By late 1941, however, Packard’s exceptional collaborations with independent coachbuilders were beginning to come to an end, with demand falling off as highly luxurious factory-built automobiles proliferated. The remaining few examples, including the superb automobile offered here, are consequently among the lowest production and most desirable offerings from the years immediately preceding World War II.

The stunning 1942 Packard Super Eight One-Eighty All-Weather Town Car offered here was completed in December 1941. It is said to be the very last “cataloged” town car and, quite possibly, the last cataloged Packard of any body style to be produced. The coachbuilder, Rollson Inc. of New York, established by the leaders of the similarly named, but by then-defunct Rollston, was a well-known coach builder that became recognized for low production, high-quality custom bodies. Offered at a price of $4,975, it is plain to see why so few buyers were of sufficient means to obtain one, with just three examples being ordered and delivered.

Undoubtedly chauffeur-driven while in the ownership of the original family, the Corys of New York, it is fitted with front and rear radios and an intercom system. It was also fitted with factory turn signals, a somewhat uncommon choice in 1941. Powered by the legendarily smooth Packard 356 cubic-inch, 165-horsepower straight-eight engine, the car was more than nimble enough to perform on the roads of the day and can hold its own even today. The Cory family, then known for their innovations in the coffee percolator industry, must have considered themselves lucky to have a brand-new automobile, let alone a stunning one such as this, during the car-starved years of World War II.

Fully restored in the 1980s and since mellowed and patinaed, the Town Car offered here is a truly beautiful, exceptionally rare Classic Car Club of America Full Classic. This stunning burgundy Packard is an ideal partner for piling in friends for nights on the town or countless tours and shows with the AACA, CCCA, and either of the two national Packard clubs. Given its rarity, it is unlikely that another example will be seen at any show. A must-own for the true Packard aficionado, or for anyone used to having the best.