Lot 429

Hershey 2023

1932 Ford Model B Roadster


$35,750 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
CBQ 748
Canadian Registration
  • From a prominent, climate-controlled collection
  • A rarely seen Canada-built Model B Roadster
  • Restored many years ago to correct specification with factory “Henry Ford steel” bodywork
  • Equipped with a proper Model B four-cylinder engine
  • On static display in two prominent private collections for the last several years
  • Hailed as one of the greatest designs ever put into mass production

Heavily modified examples of the 1932 Ford are so prevalent that it is refreshing, and illuminating, to see an example that has been restored to its factory specification. Thanks to Edsel Ford’s recognition of the importance of style in the marketing of automobiles, this was a truly beautiful automobile right off the assembly line—and even better, it was well within reach of the motoring masses. Because the Ford Motor Company also began to understand the value of substantial annual model changes at this time, the lauded “Deuce” was available for one year only.

Of course, 1932 further marked the introduction of Ford’s famous flathead V-8, and customers were more than happy to be upsold on this affordable eight-cylinder option. Yet the base-level Model B, which received an upgraded, 50-horsepower evolution of the proven four-cylinder Model A engine, was a very respectable and economical choice as well—and it could be had with all the wonderful, new-for-1932 body styles to boot.

Making this Model B Roadster even more unusual is that it is a Canada-built example, as indicated by its “CBQ” chassis prefix. Though its early history is unknown, it is said to have resurfaced in the 1960s and was subsequently restored using all of its factory body panels—or “Henry Ford steel,” as the original sheet metal is known to hot-rodders and customizers, who have long preferred this high-quality vintage bodywork to the many inferior reproduction panels on the market.

Precisely because of this Model B’s originality, it is remarkable that it has survived to the present in stock configuration. It is immensely appealing in its restored colors of blue with black fenders, nicely set off by cream wire wheels and a light tan top over a brown interior. Seldom seen today, especially in this appealing Roadster body style, this Canada-market 1932 Model B has been on static display in two prominent private collections over the past several years and would no doubt be welcomed at any number of Ford club events and exhibitions.