Lot 454

Hershey 2023

1974 Volkswagen Type 2 '23-Window' Microbus Conversion


$44,000 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Identification No.
Canadian Registration
  • Newer microbus converted to 1960s-style 23-window layout
  • Originally produced as a 1974 Brazilian-market Type 2
  • Finished in eye-catching white over red with a white and brown interior
  • Numerous period details, including sliding ragtop roof and dual luggage racks with ladder
  • Rebuilt 1.5-liter air-cooled flat four-cylinder engine

As recognizable as the immortal Volkswagen Beetle and a cult vehicle in its own right, the Volkswagen Type 2 and its derivatives enjoyed an even longer period in production than their Type 1 sedan cousin. The original was conceived in the late 1940s by a Dutch Volkswagen agent, Ben Pon, who drew up plans for a van based on the Beetle floor pan and running gear.

The result of Pon's efforts arrived in 1950 and proliferated into a wide variety of models catering to an enormous range of commercial and domestic uses. The original retained the Beetle's rear-mounted 1,200-cubic-centimeter air-cooled engine and four-speed gearbox, the latter with ratios designed to cope with the van's greater weight. Engines grew in displacement and power throughout production, while both handling and comfort improved as development progressed. By 1967, when the first major revision of this incredibly successful design occurred, almost two million had been sold worldwide.

The example offered here began life as a Brazilian-produced 1974 model. It was subsequently converted to the highly desirable 23-window pattern featuring the beloved split windshield. Finished in eye-catching white and red with a tastefully coordinated white and brown interior, various features bolster the authentic period look, including front bumper guards, a sliding ragtop roof, and dual luggage racks with side-access ladder. The airy and roomy cabin features three rows of seating nicely appointed in white upholstery. Brown, diamond-quilted door trim and checkered curtains elevate the presentation. Meanwhile, the well-detailed rear engine compartment houses a rebuilt 1.5-liter air-cooled four-cylinder.

Riding on white painted steel wheels with polished covers, this Type 2 strikes a charming profile and is the perfect platform for van-life adventures.