Lot 180

Hershey 2022

1932 Pierce-Arrow Model 54 Convertible Sedan by LeBaron


$120,000 - $140,000 USD | Not Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
US Title
  • One of 1,550 standard-wheelbase Model 54s produced for the model year
  • Wears a finely detailed Convertible Sedan body; one of very few extant examples
  • Splendid presentation in a striking color scheme
  • Powered by the marque’s formidable 366 cu. in. straight-eight engine and three-speed transmission
  • A Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) Full Classic

The esteemed Pierce-Arrow marque had a long and impressive history prior to 1932, having manufactured some of the greatest motor cars of the Brass and Classic Eras. From its earliest cars, including the Great Arrow as well as the 38, the 48 and the mighty 66, Pierce-Arrow was the choice of several US Presidents as well as the elite of American society. In short, it was one of the premier American motor cars.

By the 1930s—difficult as it was to claim any success within the challenging automotive market—they endeavored to produce some of the most elegant and distinctive motorcars in the world. Though this approach would be their downfall as a corporate entity, the roadgoing results of their efforts are seen here in this Model 54 Convertible Sedan with LeBaron coachwork. Pierce Arrow completed out just 1,550 standard wheelbase Model 54 chassis for the 1932 model year, of which relatively few received this versatile body style.

One of the most elegant, complex, and thoughtful bodies ever designed for Pierce-Arrow, LeBaron’s Convertible Sedan design allowed its owners all-weather use yearlong, and the design’s beautifully trimmed body was also finished with a luxuriously appointed interior full of subtle refinements. However, with a Pierce-Arrow the greatest statement always came down to the headlamps recessed directly within the fenders, an unmistakable trait utilized decades ahead of its time.

This 1932 Model 54 Convertible Sedan wears a very tidy older restoration in the wonderful color combination of yellow and black over a dark red leather interior. The car’s black fenders are unified with the whole color scheme by way of thin red pinstripe, which is also repeated along a beltline highlight which runs from cowl to tail. A set of color-matched wire wheels are wrapped in a handsome set of wide whitewalls, and the entire affair is topped by the design’s signature all-weather convertible top, which in this case is furnished of black fabric with red piping. A set of semi-enclosed dual-sidemount spares are a nice accompaniment to the car’s other fine features, namely a Pilot Ray headlamp system and an integrated trunk with additional trunk rack.

Ideal for touring, this vehicle is eligible for all CCCA CARavans and events, and it would also be a much-welcomed entry to future membership within the Pierce-Arrow Society.