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Hershey 2021

1928 Cadillac Series 341-A Sport Phaeton by Fisher


$110,000 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • Among the most magnificent open cars of the Classic Era; striking dual-cowl Sport Phaeton with folding windscreen for rear-seat passengers
  • An important design from the dawn of GM’s Harley Earl-led golden age of style
  • Powerful 90 hp, 341 cu. in. V-8 with a grand 140-in. wheelbase
  • Recognized as a CCCA Full Classic; ideal candidate for exhibition or touring

By the mid-1920s, Cadillac had more than justified its worldwide reputation for luxurious, high-quality automobiles. Its cars were powerful, well-built, and available in a wide range of designs to meet the needs of its discriminating clientele. These Cadillacs were fine cars, to be sure; one thing they often lacked, however, was style.

That would change in 1927, when General Motors recruited a certain Harley J. Earl to style the new LaSalle, intended to be a more affordable “companion car” to the higher-end Cadillac. These LaSalles—often considered the first offerings truly “designed” by an automaker in the modern sense—caused a sensation, arguably outshining that year’s Cadillacs. This state of affairs obviously could not stand, and Earl’s styling revolution soon spread upmarket, to tremendous effect.

This rakish 1928 Cadillac Sport Phaeton by Fisher demonstrates the immediate and dramatic impact Earl’s vision had on the marque; it is, simply, one of most striking designs of the Classic Era. The acclaimed stylist’s touch, nascent in the LaSalles, is here rendered on a grander scale thanks to the long 140-inch Cadillac wheelbase. This is paired with the marque’s 90-horsepower, 341-cubic-inch V-8 and a three-speed manual transmission, giving plenty of power to cruise at respectable speeds.

A folding rear cowl with windscreen (a feature not found on the Phaeton, and thus a Sport Phaeton hallmark) kept the wind out of back-seat passengers’ faces. Yet the phaeton style, with its lack of true side windows, was not suitable for use in harsh weather conditions—a constraint that signaled a sort of carefree wealth, making masterful examples of the genre even more desirable to those who could afford them. A Sport Phaeton such as this would surely not be the only magnificent automobile in its fortunate owner’s carriage house!

This beautifully restored example is finished in an eye-catching Kelly green, with a darker green used on the fenders and on the beltline and side flank accent moldings (as well as the finely detailed undercarriage). This two-tone exterior pairs wonderfully with the saddle leather interior and tan canvas convertible top. Inside the cabin, a dark green dashboard houses a suite of gauges and a Jaeger clock. A trunk at the rear provides room for a weekend’s worth of luggage—ideal for quick trips to the lake house—with a folding trunk rack offering the option of more cargo space for longer journeys. Wire wheels, including two side-mounted spares, add to its sporting stance.

Breathtaking in design, grand in scale, and athletic in character, this Series 341-A Sport Phaeton is rightly recognized as a Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) Full Classic, and would be a perfect candidate for exhibition, club events, and open-air touring.