Lot 420

Hershey 2019

1935 Packard Eight Dual-Cowl Sport Phaeton


$200,000 - $250,000 USD | Not Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Vehicle No.
  • The only 1935 Eight sport phaeton known to exist
  • Recent cosmetic freshening, including new paint and interior
  • Believed to have just 54,000 original miles and four owners
  • Ideal candidate for concours and club presentation

The elegant Packard sport phaeton was a very limited-production model in 1935. Differentiated from the standard phaeton by its dual-cowl specification, the sport phaeton offered increased elegance while providing protection from the elements for the rear passengers. Sport phaetons were among the most desirable models in the period and remain so to this day.

The example offered here deserves special consideration. For many years, Packard historians believed that Packard Motor Company didn’t build any sport phaeton models on its 1201 Eight chassis for the 1935 model year. The dual-cowl body was officially offered on the high-end cars such as the Super Eight and Twelve models, but apparently not on the Packard Eight, which came only in standard single-cowl phaeton form. And yet, the car offered here is a 1201 Eight wearing a factory dual-cowl phaeton body which bears body tags that appear to confirm that the car is authentic.

The Packard Eight was originally sold on 20 April 1935 from the Packard dealer in Stamford, Connecticut. Despite there being no official record, it is believed that the body was originally destined for a Super Eight but was instead fitted to the Eight chassis as a cost-saving measure, perhaps by the original buyer. In the period, an Eight wearing the single phaeton body style was priced from $2,870, while a Super Eight phaeton was priced from $3,390; even after the cost of modifying the body to fit on the slightly shorter Eight chassis was factored in, the $520 price differential would have represented a significant cost savings.

The possibility exists that the Packard was rebodied by one of its earlier owners, but no additional documentation exists to support this. Factory markings and tags exist on the body that lend support to the conclusion that this is a factory example. Under the carpet on the right-hand-side floor, facing the front door, is a data plate marked “Body number 8418664 Dietrich Detroit.” Under the carpet on the right side, facing the rear door, is a Packard data plate stamped “841209.” The 841 was the number used for a sport phaeton, with no other stamped information. Packard’s custom was to use the body number as the first portion of the serial number, followed by the production number, for the cars made at the factory.

This stunning and rare Packard was purchased by the consignor in 2015. Prior to his ownership, the car had spent the previous 46 years in single ownership in the care of Mr. William McCoy of Mt. Holly Springs, Pennsylvania, who acquired the Packard from the Hampton, New York, area. While in Mr. McCoy’s ownership, the car was treated to a high-quality, multi-year restoration, with much of the work done by McCoy himself. When the car was sold to the consignor, it showed just 51,170 miles on the odometer. At that time, it had been repainted during the course of the McCoy restoration and still retained its original, though worn, interior.

Remaining in the care of the consignor since 2015, when he purchased it from the McCoy estate, the car is presented in exceptional condition. The fresh Silver Mist paint is truly beautiful and makes an excellent contrast to the brand-new deep red leather interior. The rear cowl mechanism and glass both function properly on this vehicle, as does the top. Under the hood, the 320 cu. in. straight-eight engine is said to be leak-free, and a road test revealed good oil pressure and smoke-free running. Driven sparingly by the previous two owners, it accumulated less than 15,000 miles over the past 50 years, with just 3,000 of those miles in the ownership of the consignor, and has fewer than 54,000 original miles today.

This is a rare opportunity to own a truly unique, low-mileage pre-war Packard sport phaeton. With its fresh paint, new interior, and new tires, it is sure to make waves among knowledgeable Packard enthusiasts. The fact that it has never been shown at any regional or any AACA or CCCA event in its 82-year history makes this an ideal opportunity for a new owner for concours and club presentation. No matter what the new owner chooses to do with the car, this is an impressive example of a pre-war Packard that blends equal parts rarity, luxury, and sport into one superb package.