Lot 172

Hershey 2019

1910 Ford Model T Touring

The Merrick Auto Museum Collection


$38,500 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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Bill of Sale Only
  • The car that started the Merrick Collection
  • Restored in the family garage
  • Archetypal brass Model T
Addendum: Please note that this vehicle is offered on a bill of sale.

With more than 17 million Model T Fords built in the model’s 20 seasons, one should not be surprised that nearly everyone has a Model T story. This car has a poignant story of its own: It is the car that started the Merrick Museum collection.

Jim Merrick, founder and first director of the museum, desired an old car in order to, as his son Richard put it, “tour in parades and go out for ice cream.” Together they searched the Midwest and found a Model T in Iowa that had been repossessed by a bank. They negotiated a price and took the car home.

It needed restoration, and lacking a fully equipped shop, they took over the family garage. Jim was exceptionally gifted in woodworking and had a well-equipped wood shop and a full complement of tools. Painting was done by a local body shop, and the upholstery was entrusted to a friend who worked for a furniture company. Upon completion, the restored Model T was honored with several awards at local car shows and has been the inspiration for building the Merrick Auto Museum Collection over the years.

The car is an archetypal 1910 “Brass T,” with the two-piece firewall, front-opening rear doors, and without doors on the front. The style was superseded in January 1912 by the newer style with “fore doors” and rear doors that opened from the rear. The chassis number dates to March 1911. Correct brass E&J lighting is used throughout. The engine appears to have been replaced, as its number corresponds to March 1912. Engine replacements were common among early Fords, as the process was easy and plenty of new and used parts were available. An accessory water pump has been fitted.

This car was loaned for filming of the movie My Antonia, with Neil Patrick Harris piloting the old T in the closing scenes. This would be the last time the Merrick Auto Museum would loan one of their automobiles out for film use.

Painted in dark green, it predates the maxim “any color as long as it’s black.” Upholstery is diamond-pleated buttoned black leather, in excellent condition despite countless family excursions. It is still the perfect car in which to go out for ice cream.