Lot 220

Hershey 2019

1906 Autocar Type X Runabout

The Merrick Auto Museum Collection


$29,150 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
Engine No.
  • One of 20 examples built; only six known survivors
  • Twin-cylinder shaft drive, sliding-gear transmission
  • Attractive frame-off restoration

Although best known since the early twentieth century as a manufacturer of trucks, Autocar began its career with passenger cars. Manufacture of tricycles and quadricycles began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1897 under the auspices of the Pittsburgh Motor Vehicle Company. In April 1900 the operation moved to nearby Ardmore and was reorganized as the Autocar Company. Some 27 two-cylinder cars were built by the end of 1901, and in 1902 a shaft-drive car was introduced, believed to be the first multi-cylinder American car so equipped.

Autocar introduced a four-cylinder car in 1905, and a six in 1908, although the twin-cylinder cars were still in production. From 1909 on, however, only fours were built. In 1907 Autocar began building trucks, which completely took over production in 1912.

Autocar used both Roman and Arabic numbers to designate models, so this Type X Autocar, as it appears in catalogues, bears “Model 10” data plates. Previously in the Pollack Collection in Connecticut, it was purchased by the Merrick Auto Museum from the Don Dougherty Collection in Colfax, California, in 2003. The recipient of a thorough frame-off restoration, it is painted Bronze Blue with white accent striping and black fenders. The seats are upholstered in black buttoned leather, and floor mats are diamond-pattern white rubber. The windowed tan canvas cape top is new and has detachable side curtains. Lighting comprises two bail-handle side oil lamps and a single oil taillamp. The two-cylinder opposed engine develops 12 horsepower and drives through a sliding-gear transmission.

Only 20 Autocars of this model were built in 1906; just six are known to survive, making this car a very rare example. It will be a wonderful addition to any collection.