Lot 159

Hershey 2018

1912 Baker Electric Model W Runabout


$192,500 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • Formerly of the Harrah and Raymond Carr Collections
  • Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Senior Award winner
  • Exhibited at the AACA Museum, Inc. and Radnor Concours
  • Recent cosmetic and mechanical freshening by Robinson Restorations
  • Guinness World Record holder as the first electric vehicle to travel coast-to-coast
Addendum: Please note that the title is in transit.

Formerly part of Harrah’s Automobile Collection, this Baker Electric was acquired by Raymond Carr in unrestored condition in 1986. The restoration to its original colors of midnight blue with cream trim was done in his own shop with assistance from the Eastern Electric Vehicle Club headquartered at the nearby Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. The car was shown thereafter receiving its AACA Senior Award in 1993.

Carr replaced the original electric motor (included with the sale) with a more powerful 18-hp unit while the 72-volt electrical system remained as-built. He drove it on the 120-mile New London to New Brighton, Minnesota, Antique Car Run in 1993; the only electric car to do so that year. Later he drove the diminutive electric a distance of 3,304 miles beginning 28 May from Astoria, Oregon, to Atlantic City, New Jersey, completing the trip on 3 July 1995 while setting a Guinness World Record for first electric vehicle to travel coast-to-coast. The car was displayed at the 2011 100 Motorcars of Radnor Hunt and as part of the Alternative Energy Exhibit at the AACA Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania, in Spring 2012.

Since being purchased in 2012, the consignor has spent in excess of $40,000 at Robinson Restorations refinishing the undercarriage and wheels; replacing the top, leather interior, and carpets; repainting a portion of the body; installing new batteries; and doing all repairs necessary to bring the car back to tour-ready condition. Two chargers (one heavy-duty and one portable) are included with the sale.