Lot 203

Hershey 2018

1921 Stanley 735B Seven-Passenger Touring

The Richard L. Burdick Collection


$33,000 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Identification No.
  • Offered from the Richard L. Burdick Collection
  • Late-production condenser-model Stanley
  • One of only 14 surviving examples
  • Nicely presented older restoration

Stanley steam cars from the early 1920s are considerably rarer than earlier models, for the simple reason that, as gasoline cars gradually became the accepted means of transportation, fewer and fewer steam cars were being built. Underneath modern styling, Stanleys were still largely turn-of-the-century engineering; they could now condense and recirculate spent steam, but still required 30 minutes of heating a boiler to operate, and were not as fast as modern internal-combustion automobiles. Nonetheless, they continued to enjoy a market among tinkerers who had never operated any other type of car, and still have a tremendous following among like-minded enthusiasts today.

According to the Stanley Register, this particular car is one of just fourteen 1921 735B seven-passenger touring cars remaining in existence. While early history is not known, it has been part of the Burdick Collection for many years, and was formerly exhibited in Mr. Burdick’s Central Texas Museum of Automotive History in Rosanky. A well-presented older restoration, it is finished in scarlet with black fenders, leather upholstery, and canvas top, and remains in good overall cosmetic condition. Attractive features include a running board-mounted tool box and wooden “artillery” wheels. The Stanley has not been operated in many years and it is recommended that it be inspected by a steam car expert prior to attempting to run it on the road.

Stanley steam cars are fascinating automobiles, both to behold and to drive, and are almost certainly the center of attention at any event which they attend. This example should be no exception!