Lot 281

Hershey 2017

1916 Cadillac Type 53 Pickup


$24,200 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • Unique example of an early Cadillac touring car
  • Modified in period for a more utilitarian purpose
  • Frequently driven and ready to be enjoyed

While a number of pre-war cars survived the ravages of time and remained unaltered, many, like this unique 1916 Cadillac Type 53, were modified by previous generations to suit a new, perhaps more utilitarian purpose. It is important to remember that, at one point, these were just “old cars” despite their once grand and elegant nature.

According to the consignor, the Cadillac offered here began life as a touring car but was fashioned into a pickup truck approximately 60 years ago. The back seat section of the body was removed, and a pickup bed fashioned from wood was installed in its place. Despite the modified body, the car retains its original V-8 engine and three-speed manual transmission. The consignor states that the car is in excellent mechanical condition and has been recently enjoyed on weekend drives and cruises.

The Cadillac feel of the one-time luxury car still remains. It has its original collapsible “fat man” steering wheel and the period-correct hand actuated fuel pump. Everything functions as expected with the exception of the clock, and easily removable electric windshield wipers and turn signals have been added to give the car an added measure of safety. The always delightful Moto Meter, in this case a Dodge-branded example, remains functional as well.

In a collector car world replete with highly restored and original examples, it is interesting to see a historically modified example of such a high-end automobile. With many such vehicles consigned to the scrap drives during the wars, this 1916 Cadillac is highly unique and is possibly the only one of its kind available.

This Cadillac pickup has an interesting history to pass on and future stories yet to be drafted by its new owner.