Lot 108

Hershey 2016

1911 Sears Single


$28,750 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Frame No.

35 cu. in. F-head single-cylinder engine.

Please note that this lot is offered on a Bill of Sale.

Sears ventured into the motorcycle industry in 1912, through a badge-engineering arrangement, by which motors built by F.W. Spacke in Indianapolis could be simultaneously assembled by a company called Excelsior Cycle Company—not to be confused with the number of other Excelsior Motor companies—which assembled De Luxe, Dayton, Eagle, as well as the Sears brand.

The Spacke-engined bikes included a 35-cubic inch single, initially belt driven, and a 70-cubic inch V-twin engine. The fuel tank sat between the top frame tubes, and the bikes were single-speed with pedal start. A rear wheel brake was provided. Sears discontinued selling motorcycles in 1916 and would not return to the industry until 1953, when motorcycles built by Puch were marketed as Allstates. The bike on offer here is complete, nicely restored, and is bound to spur conversation among veteran motorcycle enthusiasts.