Lot 138

Hershey 2016

1939 Chevrolet Model JD Pickup


$26,400 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • Stock presentation with subtly upgraded drivetrain
  • Wonderful color scheme; factory-optional Chevrolet heater
  • An amazing pickup to drive and enjoy

135 bhp, 235.5 cu. in. OHV Thriftmaster inline six-cylinder engine, three-speed manual transmission, full-floating rear axle, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes upgraded with dual-reservoir master cylinder. Wheelbase: 123.75 in.

During the late 1930s, Chevrolet management upgraded the division’s line of pickup trucks with several new models on new three-quarter-ton and one-ton chassis, sharing the same handsome styling features as Chevy automobiles. These beefed-up vehicles enjoyed tremendous popularity, particularly the 1939 models, which had a new cab designed for the comfort of the driver, with an attractive metal instrument panel that grouped the instruments in front of the owner for easy viewing. Redesigning the interior fixtures allowed for more ergonomic and comfortable upholstery, as well as for a seat that could accommodate three men riding side by side.

Among the most attractive of Chevrolet’s 1939 offerings was the three-quarter-ton Model JD, sold in all of the traditional body styles, most prominently the handsome pickup.

The pickup offered here was properly restored in previous ownership and has very high-quality finishes throughout, including attractive paintwork in maroon with black fenders, properly restored and clear instruments, and painted steel wheels with blackwall tires, all of which is well-preserved. Furthermore, it is equipped with the factory optional Chevrolet Deluxe heater.

Packed under the hood is a later-model 1961 Chevrolet Thriftmaster six-cylinder engine, 235 cubic inches larger than the original 216.5 millimeters, providing significantly more power at 135 ponies. The current owner has taken excellent care of the truck, with the carburetor being rebuilt in 2014, and his mechanic notes that the truck runs very well and strongly. At the time of cataloguing, it recorded 491 miles, which is consistent with its presentation and restoration.

Accompanied by a spare set of front fenders, this truck would be an entertaining and good-looking “driver” for any Chevrolet collector to enjoy this fall.