Lot 227

Hershey 2014

1800s Evans Florist Wagon

Offered from the collection of Jeffrey Day


$8,800 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



  • Offered from the collection of Jeffrey Day
  • Exquisitely restored three years ago
  • Extremely authentic and beautifully presented

Before the days of panel trucks and sedan deliveries, goods were carried through American streets in horse-drawn versions of the same designs. These delivery wagons were more unique than the trucks that followed, as they were usually custom-built to carry the wares of each individual peddler. That is certainly true of this original Florist Wagon, as its rear compartment is set up to carry bouquets to weddings, funerals, and all other appropriate occasions.

This wagon was described by an RM specialist as having been “restored like jewelry” only three years ago, and its fit and finish are second to none. Its paint gleams, and the bodywork is in wonderful condition from top to bottom. In particular, the flowers hand-applied to the rear doors are intricate and wonderfully detailed, and the striping and lettering are works of art unto themselves. The rear compartment is presented fully loaded with silk flowers in their correct trays.

With charm in spades, this Florist Wagon would make an unusual addition to any horse-drawn vehicle collection or be the ultimate display piece for a farmhouse living room.

Please note that this lot is sold on a Bill of Sale.