Lot 107

Hershey 2011

1925 Ford Model T Dump Truck


$27,500 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
Addendum: Please note this vehicle will be sold on a Bill of Sale only.

20 hp, 176 cu. in. four-cylinder side-valve engine, 12 speeds in all: two-speed, three-pedal planetary transmission, three-speed Muncie transmission, two-speed Ruckstell rear axle, front and rear transverse leaf springs on solid axles, torque tube to bevel drive rear axle, foot brake operates contracting band on transmission, handbrake operates mechanical brakes on rear wheels. Wheelbase: 125"

- Frame-off restoration with engine and transmission rebuild

- Fully functional dump bed, operated from within cab

- Transmission combination allows 12 forward speeds, six reverse gears

Considering the huge success of the Model T in passenger car and light commercial applications, it’s surprising that the TT one-ton truck variation wasn’t available sooner than 1917. However, Henry Ford had serious misgivings about the U.S. being involved in conflicts overseas, so he probably viewed military applications with considerable reservations. Nevertheless, the first three TT trucks were built in 1917, when the U.S. entered WWI. The TT frame was a strengthened and extended version of the T with a 125-inch wheelbase and a rear worm-drive axle. Since it was powered by the 20-hp four-cylinder engine, a two-speed Ruckstell axle was often fitted to provide an intermediate gear for climbing hills. Bare cab/chassis were usually supplied, and businesses would fit whatever bodies they needed.

The truck on offer here is an excellent example of the specialized uses to which TT trucks were adapted. It has a dump truck bed, and we are informed it was originally built for AT&T in the Pennsylvania area. It was given a frame-off restoration two years ago and has been completely rebuilt mechanically and finished cosmetically.

In order to deal with its modest power output, this truck has the Model T two-speed planetary transmission, backed by a three-speed Muncie gearbox and a two-speed Ruckstell rear axle – for a total of 12 forward speeds. Six reverse gears are available too. The dump bed is controlled by a lever inside the cab. The truck also has a steam whistle, and the whole thing is beautifully finished in and out, with a C-cab and handsome lettering on its wooden sideboards for Ollie’s Trucking, Bristol Connecticut. The new owner should be quite popular at commercial vehicle displays in car shows.