Lot 356

The Guyton Collection

1937 Pierce-Arrow Model C Travelodge


$44,800 USD | Sold

United States | St. Louis, Missouri



Serial No.
  • The most luxurious and desirable travel trailer of the Classic Era
  • Hand-built and beautifully constructed by Pierce-Arrow
  • One of fewer than 20 known survivors
  • The ideal partner to a Classic Pierce-Arrow

Many American luxury automakers used inventive tactics in an attempt to survive the Great Depression. Few were more inventive than Pierce-Arrow, which decided to build a luxurious travel trailer to accompany its automobiles.

Produced by a separate division at the Buffalo factory, the Pierce-Arrow Travelodge was built to the same outstanding standard as the company’s cars, with a steel frame covered by sheet aluminum outer panels, and an interior of beautifully finished birchwood and gum with linoleum floors. It was mounted on fully independent suspension and featured a Bendix hydraulic brake, actuated by a vacuum cylinder connected by hose to the trailering car. Three models were offered, the smallest being the 13.5-foot Model C priced at $784, with all equipment standard.

The Guyton Collection’s Model C was acquired from Charles and Veronica Orin of Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico, its owners since 1956. The interior features a handsome dinette, with comfortable booth-style seating and a linoleum table, which folds into a double bed, as well as an insulated icebox, a hand-pumped sink (designed to draw from an external source), a Prentiss-Wabers Auto-Cook-Kit camp stove, and a wood-burning stove. Extensive storage and counter space is provided as well. All windows are fitted with modern safety glass and curtains, and open to mosquito screens, including the rooftop hatch, allowing for well-ventilated living while on the road.

Accompanying the Travelodge are a variety of charming period accessories, including a blue speckleware dining set, a Philco table radio, and a three-piece set of leather luggage, amongst others, completing its wonderfully detailed presentation.

The ideal partner to one’s Pierce-Arrow, this unusually luxurious and beautifully built trailer is the ultimate tour accessory and the greatest prize for the determined Full Classic enthusiasts.