Lot 386

Dare to Dream Collection

1965 Aston Martin DB5


$750,000 - $900,000 USD  | Offered Without Reserve

Canada | Toronto, Ontario



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Canadian Registration
To be offered on Saturday, 1 June 2024
  • The most legendary Aston Martin model, in the most iconic color of Silver Birch
  • Beautiful presentation throughout, with desirable upgrades
  • Fitted with a correct-type 4.0-liter DOHC inline-six
Please note, this lot is registered in Canada and import duty will be applicable to all countries outside of Canada, including the United States. RM Sotheby’s will assist buyers with importation and for residents of the USA, in obtaining a US title.
Addendum: Please note that this car is fitted with a non-numbers-matching engine of the correct type.


The Aston Martin DB5 belongs to the rare category of automobiles recognizable instantly even to those who are not enthusiasts; for the public at large, to see one is to instantly know it as an “Aston Martin.” It has come to represent the company at large for essentially every generation since it was born, largely on the strength of its co-starring role in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. This etched the appearance of a Silver Birch DB5 firmly in the memory of everyone who saw the film, attended a promotional appearance by one of the cars, or bought the Corgi model. Few cars have ever so defined their manufacturer to the world at large.

This is perfectly appropriate because the DB5 was, in and of itself, a memorable, wonderful automobile, even without silver screen infamy to recommend it. It boasted some 170 improvements over the predecessor DB4, most prominently adopting the competition-style covered headlights—originally used for the DB4 GT and subsequently available on late-production DB4s—as standard equipment. Its lines were magnificent, and its performance utterly thrilling.

For once, period advertisements did not oversell, but simply stated fact: “Built by master craftsmen, the Aston Martin DB5 has character, comfort and an abundance of power. Top speed exceeds 150 mph. Stops from 100 mph in 6 seconds. Safe at speed and gentle in traffic. You’ll never understand its appeal unless you get into the driving seat.”

Simply put, the DB5 deserved to become legendary on its own merits, and likely would have. James Bond and the Furka Pass just didn’t hurt.


Chassis number DB5/2255/R, a right-hand-drive example, was built for the home market in July 1965. The Aston Martin build sheet for the car is unusually blank of most information, but notes the original purchaser as D.H. Bloomer, Ltd., also known as Francis Motors, on Eleanor Street in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. The BMIHT Certificate notes its original color scheme as having been Platinum over Red interior, and that the car was outfitted with Borg-Warner automatic transmission, limited-slip differential, heated rear window, Motorola radio, and chrome wheels. Apparently very early in the car’s life, in December 1965, it was involved in an accident, necessitating repairs to the forward end of the car, namely to the front suspension, as noted on the build sheet. Subsequent servicing was then undertaken in 1971. At some point the car was fitted with a replacement 4.0-liter inline-six DOHC engine of the correct type, numbered 400/2212.

The car was acquired for the Dare to Dream Collection in early 2013, after which marque specialists Autosport Designs undertook a continuation of the cosmetic restoration begun by a prior owner following an engine fire, complete with correctly fitted bumpers and factory-style mirrors, and conversion to left-hand-drive with a five-speed manual transmission. The body was refinished in Silver Birch, a color that needs no introduction on a DB5, while retaining the red leather interior correct to the original build card. The interior itself was outfitted with a few useful upgrades, including a comfortable arm rest, quartz clock conversion, a new radio and speakers, and seatbelts—what Q might have referred to as “all the usual refinements.” Additional extensive mechanical servicing was completed by RM Auto Restoration, with receipts for this work on file.

A beautiful example of the model, in ideal colors and set up for modern enjoyment in comfort, this DB5 has all of the spirit it did in 1965, and awaits a new caretaker to don tuxedo (or gold paint) and slip behind the wheel.