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1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza Recreation by Pur Sang


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United States | Phoenix, Arizona



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  • A faithfully executed recreation of one of the interwar period’s most legendary racing models
  • Built from the ground up with old-world artisanal craftsmanship and techniques
  • Impressively assembled from hand-beaten panels and purpose-fabricated parts
  • Offers all the performance and driving enjoyment of an authentic Monza at a fraction of the investment
Addendum: Please note that a US title will be secured for this vehicle and available in approximately 6 weeks.

The Alfa Romeo 8C was one of the interwar period’s most successful and acclaimed models, built in both roadgoing and racing configurations on short and long-wheelbase chassis, with a variety of coachwork from Italy’s legendary carrozzerias. In competition, the 8C proved to be one of the most dominant cars of the 1930s, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans four consecutive years from 1931 to 1934 and the Mille Miglia six times, among many other victories.

Powered by a supercharged dual-overhead-cam inline eight-cylinder engine, the competition 8C was built in three basic configurations, the long-wheelbase Le Mans, the short-wheelbase Mille Miglia Spider, and the grand prix-specified Monza. The latter of these was named in honor of an initial short-wheelbase 8C 2300 built for the 1931 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, where drivers Tazio Nuvolari and Giuseppe Campari teamed for a dominating win.

As Scuderia Ferrari assumed the mantle of Alfa Romeo’s factory racing efforts during the 1930s, the Monza proved to be a stalwart that frequently outran the opposing Bugatti Type 51 and various Maserati examples. Originally built in sparing numbers, the few remaining authentic 8C Monzas are prized as showpieces by serious collectors today, only seldom changing hands, and often at seven-figure prices. The resulting dearth of affordable and useable Monzas has given rise to a small number of companies building replicas, but almost none of these outfits operate in the old-world traditions of the original 1930s concern, with one notable exception.

The company Pur Sang was founded in Paraná, Argentina, by Leonidas Anadón with the goal of creating Bugatti Type 35 replicas that mirror the originals in every way. Pur Sang utilizes old-world artisanal construction techniques, relying on the methodologies of the prewar era to assemble recreations that are as convincing to drive as they are to behold. Rather than source original components, the company devotedly casts and forges replica hardware that is built to blueprinted specifications in the original manner, while hand-beating body panels on custom bucks built to the original dimensions. As Pur Sang slowly perfected its approach, the company began taking on the builds of a handful of other classic prewar racing models, including the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza.

This Pur Sang-built Monza is a remarkable facsimile of the original race car, from the finned manifold and the center-positioned accelerator pedal, to the large Scuderia Ferrari Cavallino Rampante shield applique ahead of the cowl. Racing enthusiasts searching for a means of enjoying an authentic and useable 8C Monza will seldom find a better opportunity than this enchanting car, which offers all the race-winning gravitas of the original model at a fraction of the investment.