Lot 114

Arizona 2024

1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary


$478,000 USD | Sold

United States | Phoenix, Arizona



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  • Offered out of 24 years of careful ownership by enthusiast Mark McCloskey, with a recent major service completed by Lamborghini specialists Evans Automotive Repair of Columbus, Ohio
  • The most advanced iteration of the legendary Countach, featuring improvements developed by the great Horacio Pagani
  • Displays only 15,430 km (~9,588 mi.) at cataloguing and documented with 2001–2023 service invoices, including engine-out service and Kevlar clutch fitment in 2015
  • Finished in striking Rosso over Champagne; desirably equipped with Euro-spec front bumper, and accompanied by American-market bumper

No supercar has cut a more dramatic swath through popular consciousness than the Lamborghini Countach. Jaw-dropping upon its introduction, each iteration of the model thrilled in its own unique way—but the Countach 25th Anniversary Edition was the most evolved, and the most extreme, of all. Beyond their roaring 5.2-liter V-12 and 183-mph top speed, these cars are notable for the aerodynamic enhancements, developed by hypercar maestro Horacio Pagani, that gave them an unforgettable look.

Named in celebration of 25 years of the Lamborghini marque, only 657 examples—including the stunning Rosso over Champagne example offered here—were sold worldwide before the arrival of the Countach’s replacement, the Diablo, in 1990. Delivered new to the United States market, the car was enjoyed by owners in California and Texas prior to acquisition by the consignor, St. Louis, Missouri-based enthusiast Mark McCloskey, in 1999, then showing 4,500 miles.

As invoices on file dating back to 2001 and totaling over $68,000 demonstrate, no expense has been spared on the Countach’s upkeep. Since 2015, the car has been serviced by Lamborghini specialists Evans Automotive Repair of Columbus, Ohio; this included an engine-out service, transmission overhaul (including the installation of a Kevlar clutch kit), and work on the lubrication and cooling systems, plus detailing, paintwork, and replacement of perishable hoses and rubber seals. Additional work has been carried out by Lamborghini of St. Louis, and it benefitted from a final major service visit to Evans Automotive Repair in December 2023.

This most recent service visit included diagnosis and repair of the car’s electrical system; a cosmetic refresh of the trunk, glove compartment, and door panel surfaces as-needed; detailing and touch-up painting of the undercarriage; replacement of engine deck lid, front and rear trunk lid, and door hydraulic struts; air conditioning service; an engine oil, transmission fluid, rear gear oil, and brake fluid flush; as well as the fitment of four new tires. The total cost of this work was in excess of $16,000, as shown in invoices on file.

Under McCloskey’s care, the American-market front bumper was replaced with a smaller European-specification unit; should its next owner wish to return the Lamborghini to its as-delivered appearance, its original bumper accompanies the sale. Also accompanying are owner’s and maintenance manuals, as well as a tool roll. The car’s odometer currently displays 15,430 kilometers (~9,588 miles) at time of cataloguing, reflecting consistent but moderate exercise over the past 24 years of ownership.

Every bit the dream machine it was upon its debut, this Rosso over Champagne Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition is a compelling opportunity to add a bona fide “poster car” in your stable.