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Arizona 2023

1995 Ferrari F512 M


$681,500 USD | Sold

United States | Phoenix, Arizona



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  • The ultimate iteration of the Testarossa lineage; the final flat-12-powered Ferrari model
  • The 16th of just 75 US-market cars produced
  • One of only two known examples finished in Canna di Fucile Metallizzato over Beige/Castoro
  • Currently shows fewer than 14,150 miles at time of cataloguing
  • Benefits from a major engine service at Lake Forest Sports Cars in December 2022

The Ferrari F512 M, or Modificata, launched in 1994 as the final version of the vaunted Testarossa. Ultimately, it was to be the last Ferrari produced with the company’s legendary horizontally opposed 12-cylinder engine. Every aspect of the model was refined from the previous version, with particular attention paid to the chassis, engine, and cosmetics. Numerous internal engine upgrades, including titanium connecting rods and other lightened components, along with increased compression, helped bump engine output to 440 horsepower—a noticeable boost over the preceding 512 TR.

With additional improvements such as a new stainless exhaust, an updated suspension, and a new Bosch antilock braking system, the F512 M offered impressive power and fantastic handling benefiting from a near 50:50 weight distribution front to rear. Styling cues enhancing the model’s design included a unique set of taillights, three-piece alloy wheels by Speedline, and a completely revised front fascia, which combined the striking lines of the F40 and 512 BB/LM. The model’s unique fixed headlights, reminiscent of Scuderia Ferrari racing cars, such as the 512 S of 1970, and the 312PB of 1972, replaced the retractable units that made the Testarossa series so famous.

Inside, the F512 M received minor changes, namely an updated steering wheel, adjustable aluminum pedals, a more powerful air-conditioning system, and revised cabin trim.

In total, just 501 F512 M examples were manufactured for worldwide distribution, making it one of the rarest road-going models produced during former Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo's reign. It should come as no surprise that orders for this exclusive model quickly outmatched the number of available units, and even those individuals on a first-name basis with their local Ferrari supplier were unlikely to make the waiting list. Nowhere was this more evident than in the United States, which was allotted just 75 cars across approximately 50 licensed dealers.


Almost every F512 M was painted in standard Rosso Corsa, metallic black, or yellow, and then assigned to their originating dealer. According to a full registry compiled by marque historians Arvid and Edvar van Daalen, as few as 10 of the 501 Modificata examples produced were painted in non-standard shades, with only the most influential dealers and customers reportedly afforded this privilege. Such is evidently the case with the 16th US-market car, chassis 100483, offered here, which was delivered new to Ferrari of Denver, Colorado on 26 August 1996.

It is finished in the extremely uncommon, smoky-silver shade of Canna di Fucile Metallizzato over a Beige leather interior finished with matching Castoro carpets. This incredible three-part color combination was only furnished on one other F512 M, chassis 100756.

After passing through collections in New Jersey, Oregon, and Florida, by July 2007 it had been acquired by the collector Chuck Swimmer of San Diego, California, then showing nearly 8,500 miles. In June 2011, this special F512 M was passed to the noted gentleman driver and vintage racer Juan Barazi. At the time of his acquisition, the car indicated approximately 12,500 miles. Over the next three years, Barazi undertook a spree of absolute enjoyment, adding nearly 1,500 miles to the car while having it fastidiously maintained by Ferrari of San Diego. Barazi parted with this Canna di Fucile beauty in July 2014, and it has remained in the consignor’s care since August 2015.

In preparation for sale, the consignor enlisted authorized Ferrari service facilities at Lake Forest Sports Cars of Lake Bluff, Illinois to complete a major engine-out servicing, which included a complete belt and pulley service, spark plug replacement, fluid flush, and new filters. At this time, the car also received new brake lines and tires.

As the most exciting and refined iteration of the Testarossa platform, the F512 M is considered by many to be the most desirable model in the series. A very rare sight in the United States, they remain highly collectible and prized for all their unique qualities. Now showing fewer than 14,150 miles at time of cataloguing and operating “on the button” thanks to its recent servicing, this stellar Canna di Fucile F512 M would be an excellent example for the individual looking to enjoy the thrills of flat-12 Ferrari ownership on the open road.