Lot 103

Arizona 2023

Sunbeam 1000 HP "The Slug" 1/4 Scale Pedal Car


$7,200 USD | Sold

United States | Phoenix, Arizona




Quarter-scale replica of the Sunbeam 1000 HP Mystery, a land speed record-setting car built by British automaker Sunbeam in 1926 and nicknamed "The Slug," owing to its appearance, not performance. Powered by twin 22-liter V-12 aircraft engines fore and aft, British racer Henry Segrave took it to 203.79 mph on the Daytona Beach road course in Florida on 29 March 1927. With that run, “The Slug” became the first car to exceed 200 mph.

Featuring the characteristic elongated red body correctly punctuated with dozens of louvers and exhaust stacks, this pedal car is said to be a one-off, custom order. Graphics proclaiming the original’s achievement correctly adorn both flanks.

Appealing to transportation history buffs, land-speed enthusiasts, and pedal-car collectors alike, this unique offering will likewise capture the imagination of little ones, perhaps sparking a new generation of speed seekers.