Lot 201

Arizona 2020

Jaguar XK 120 Junior


$16,800 USD | Sold

United States | Phoenix, Arizona




Offered is a delightful custom-built XK 120 that was designed to 2:3 scale of the original Jaguar sports car. It is powered by a 107 cc air-cooled, gasoline-powered engine and equipped with an electric start and semi-automatic transmission. The floor-shift transmission allows for three forward speeds as well as reverse. The diminutive Jaguar features rear brakes and a parking brake along with working doors with finished door panels, faux leather seats, functional lights and signals, as well as a horn. This unique reproduction is suitable for children as well as adults up to 6 ft. tall. This exceptional 2:3-scale XK 120 is sure to provide children and adults with many new memories.