Lot 278

Arizona 2019

1957 Facel Vega FV2B


$128,800 USD | Sold

United States | Phoenix, Arizona



Chassis No.
Body No.
  • One of 62 FV2B examples built
  • Presents beautifully in silver over oxblood red leather
  • Superb craftsmanship and styling from exclusive French atelier
  • Features the original Chrysler Hemi Fireflite engine
  • Recently completed the Colorado Grand
Addendum: Please note that the correct chassis number for this car is FV2B-57141.

The first Facel Vega cruised onto the world stage in 1954 and immediately won acclaim as the ultimate luxury tourer, accompanied by the ultimate price tag. Building upon the success of the FV1 and FV2 models, the exclusive French automaker launched the FV2B in 1956, switching out the 4.5-liter motor for the more muscular 5.4-liter Chrysler Fireflite ‘Hemi’ V-8. It produced 285 hp and a top speed of 125 mph – an extraordinary performance for a stately grand tourer weighing almost 3,700 lbs. The stalwart steel body is affixed to a sturdy steel tubular chassis with servo-assisted hydraulic drum brakes and a two-speed PowerFlite automatic transmission, which provided excellent control even at high cruising speeds. Increased power was wrapped in ravishing luxury. Fine leather and exquisite wood embellish the interior and the brightwork at the rear of the car is stainless steel, not chrome-plate. The second year of production saw the FV2B adopt dual-stacked headlights and twin side grilles.

This magnificent automobile is one of only 62 FV2B coupes produced in 1956 and 1957. Chassis H19 has just emerged from a meticulous cosmetic restoration finished in silver with oxblood leather throughout and retains all its factory accessories and opulent hand-crafted appointments. The Hemi V-8 engine remains in excellent order as is evidenced by the fact that this stunning Facel Vega recently completed the Colorado Grand, a tour of 1,000 miles through challenging landscapes.

The Facel Vega remains an iconic legacy of the golden days of motoring. This glorious FV2B offers an opportunity to acquire a shining example of the exclusive French marque, sure to thrill with its performance and stunning good looks at any and every event it attends.