Lot 242

Arizona 2019

1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta by Scaglietti


Sold After Auction

United States | Phoenix, Arizona



Chassis No.
Engine No.
B 2786
  • Exceptional 13,000 original-mile car
  • Two-time FCA Platinum Award winner
  • U.S.-specification with factory air-conditioning
  • Participated in the Copperstate 1000 and Texas Country Rally

When the Daytona was first introduced in 1968, it was the most expensive production car Ferrari had built to date. With a top speed in excess of 170 mph, it was the world’s fastest production car as well. Produced for only four years, the Daytona had become legendry even before the last one was assembled in 1973 and has been coveted by collectors and enthusiasts ever since.

Constructed by Ferrari in November 1973, this late-production 365 GTB/4 Daytona was originally finished in Nocciola over a red leather interior. Intended for the American market, chassis 16965 left the factory as a U.S.-specification model complete with a left-hand-drive configuration, required smog equipment, and Borletti air-conditioning system.

Delivered new to Luigi Chinetti Motors in Greenwich, the Daytona was sold to its first owner, Sheldon Brooks, in the early months of 1974. Evidently, Mr. Brooks never did bother to register the new Ferrari and instead chose to keep it in storage at his residence in Bel Air, California. In November 1975 and March 1978, Mr. Brooks advertised his Daytona for sale in the Los Angeles Times, describing it as an essentially brand-new example. As a result of its unique appearance and time-warp condition, the Daytona captured the attention of noted Ferrari connoisseur Brandon Wang and he added it to his exceptional private collection. After two years with the wonderfully preserved Daytona, Mr. Wang traded the car as part of a package to acquire his first California Spider.

In the mid-1990s, Symbolic Motor Car Company purchased the unrestored Daytona and refinished the Daytona in its current Fly Yellow livery. After some time, Herb Chambers, an East Coast collector with a passion for high-performance sports cars, added the Ferrari to his impressive stable. During his ownership, 16965 was reupholstered in beautiful dark blue Connolly leather and kept alongside several excellent low-mileage Daytonas.

When the previous owner acquired the Daytona in 2004, the 30-year-old supercar had still covered only 5,200 miles since new. Unlike previous owners, the current owner has used the Ferrari on the open road as originally intended. This Ferrari has also participated in several prestigious driving events, including the Copperstate 1000 and the Texas Hill Country Rally, and today it displays just over 13,000 miles. The current owner reports that the Daytona’s mechanical components are original and have been regularly maintained, and that it is a pleasure to drive.

In addition to its mechanical prowess, this striking Fly Yellow Daytona has earned several impressive honors on the show field. Between 2008 and 2009, the beautifully presented Ferrari earned Platinum Awards at Arizona FCA concours as well as Outstanding Classic 12-Cylinder and People’s Choice Awards at Concorso Arizona. As evidenced by these excellent accomplishments, this Ferrari should continue to reward its fortunate new owner well, behind the wheel and on the concours field.

Accompanied by a correct tool kit, jack, and dealer pouch (complete with the original manuals and warranty card), this Daytona retains all its original and important and valuable accessories. Beyond these important items, the sale of this car also includes custom-made Keith Collins floor mats and a fitted car cover. In addition, reports produced by Ferrari Market Letter and noted Ferrari historian Marcel Massini document the history of 16965 and confirm its impressive pedigree.

This Daytona is impressive by any standard and represents an opportunity to acquire a truly exceptional Ferrari for the discriminating collector.