Lot 272

Arizona 2018

1941 BMW 327 Cabriolet


$151,200 USD | Sold

United States | Phoenix, Arizona



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  • One of the last 327s built before World War II
  • Beautiful sought-after pre-war design
  • Recently serviced in preparation for sale

Originally launched by BMW in 1937, the famous 327’s first iteration was the sleek and sensual cabriolet. Based on the chassis of the previous 326, this new model represented a great shift in the design language of the Bavarian firm. Instead of the boxy, upright sedans of the previous decade, the cabriolet was now all lightness and flow, resplendent of the luxurious designs of the 1930s.

Though the body was supplied by coachbuilder Autenrieth in Darmstadt, the entirety of the 327 was put together at the Eisenach factory. The ashwood frame was combined with the straight-six engine previously seen on the 326 – though this new model produced an additional 5 hp and reached top speeds of 125 km/h. Body panels were shaped and placed by hand, creating an elegant shape that appeared to move even while the car was standing still.

Offered here is one of the last 327s built before the Eisenach factory was occupied for the War, making this one of the true “blue-badged” BMW 327s. Purchased by the current owner in 1991, the BMW was subsequently restored by the Paterek brothers in New Jersey. The brothers painted the car to the correct dual-tone blue, restored the interior and top, and oversaw the assembly work. The engine was overhauled by a Swiss specialist, Brodowski, around the same time; receipts and documentation on file indicate that the original block and cylinder head were replaced as part of this work. Furthermore, the car is also accompanied by a tool kit.

Beautifully reminiscent of the elegant pre-war years, the BMW 327 would go on to influence the design of decades of post-war automobiles, including the famous ‘Baroque Angel.’ As the model is rarely found in the U.S., a chance to own as elegant a car as this should not be taken lightly.