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Amelia Island 2023

1934 Packard Twelve Coupe Roadster

Offered From The Terence E. Adderley Collection


$439,500 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida



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  • Offered from the Terence E. Adderley Collection
  • Packard’s superb V-12 paired with the model year’s most desirable factory body style
  • Presented in two-tone red and Ascot Maroon over deep red leather upholstery with burled wood trim and a padded black fabric convertible soft top
  • Well-appointed, with dual side-mounted spare tires wearing matching Ascot Maroon hard covers, sideview mirrors, a single bumper-mounted driving light, and Packard’s signature cormorant mascot
  • A Classic Car Club of America Full Classic with excellent exhibition and touring potential
  • Kept in climate-controlled storage for the past decade; will require mechanical refurbishment for enjoyment

In 1931, a handful of Senior Packard chassis were built with “semi-custom” two-passenger convertible bodies by LeBaron. These cars were distinguished by a subtle beltline molding running straight through the doors and hood. A slight body flare at the windshield and a convertible top which folded almost entirely flat into a sweeping cavity behind the seats created a smooth, roadster-esque appearance during open-top motoring. Impressed with the design, Packard virtually copied it for their own factory-built convertible coupe, the Coupe Roadster.

Arguably the most desirable of the 1930s Coupe Roadsters are the 12-cylinder models of the Eleventh Series, which became the top model for 1934—a year regarded by many enthusiasts as the most prestigious for Packard design. Only a handful of original Coupe Roadsters are known to have survived, and they are fiercely prized by the enthusiasts fortunate enough to own one.

The Eleventh Series Packard Twelve Coupe Roadster offered here is a genuine example delivered on 26 April 1934, by the Packard Motor Company of New York City. Importantly, although the car has a new vehicle number plate on the firewall, the number and delivery information printed on it are confirmed by the roster of authentic examples appearing in Edward J. Blend’s standard reference, The Magnificent Packard Twelve of Nineteen Thirty-Four. The engine and chassis numbers listed by Mr. Blend, 902185 and 902535 respectively, can both be matched to those presently found on the car.

By the 1970s, this Coupe Roadster was owned by a well-known Twelve enthusiast, Don McCallum of Indiana. Mr. McCallum is believed to have performed a restoration after purchasing the car from well-known Packard aficionado Max Merritt. In the 1990s, the Coupe Roadster passed into the ownership of Dr. Ralph McCarty, of Everett, Washington. Dr. McCarty spent 10 years painstakingly restoring the car to the condition displayed here.

Following his care, the Packard was enjoyed by two other noted collectors, Roger Willbanks, of Colorado, and Marvin Tamaroff, of Michigan. From Mr. Tamaroff, the car passed to the esteemed Andrews Collection before being acquired by the Terence E. Adderley Collection.

The car’s finish of rich two-tone red and Ascot Maroon over deep red leather exudes class, while the black wall tires add a touch of menace. In addition to its painted wire wheels, period accessories include dual side-mounted spare tires with matching Ascot Maroon hard covers, sideview mirrors, a single bumper-mounted driving light, and Packard’s signature cormorant radiator mascot.

Please note the car will require mechanical refurbishment to enjoy, but it would make an excellent car for CCCA CARavans and other long-distance touring events once completed.

Any authentic Eleventh Series Coupe Roadster is a significant Packard Twelve. This one, which benefits from long-term ownership by noted enthusiasts and has verified authenticity, is an especially superb example.