Lot 121

Amelia Island 2022

1934 Packard Twelve Custom Individual Sport Phaeton in the style of LeBaron


$379,000 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida



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  • Wears a beautifully constructed Custom Individual Sport Phaeton body in the style of LeBaron; among the most breathtaking designs of the Classic Era
  • Built on an original Model 1108 Packard Twelve chassis, engine, and drivetrain
  • Long-term restoration commissioned by a true Packard enthusiast
  • Body expertly handcrafted by renowned professionals; final assembly and finishing by Stone Barn Automobile Restoration
  • Painstakingly fabricated and replicated, with fine finishes throughout

The 1934 Twelve Custom Individual Sport Phaeton is one of the most spectacular and sought-after Packards of the Classic Era. Featuring striking Alexis de Sakhnoffsky-designed dual-cowl coachwork, sculpted pontoon fenders, a slanting Vee windshield, and disappearing top, it is a streamlined masterpiece. Based on the 147-inch 1108 chassis and powered by Packard’s 160-horsepower, 445.5-cubic-inch V-12 engine, the LeBaron Sport Phaetons were capable of over 90 mph and acceleration that could rival almost anything else on the road, elegantly.

Only four original Packard LeBaron Sport Phaetons were ever constructed, each one a full custom model built to order. With its rarity, exclusivity, and steep finished price, only ultra-wealthy luminaries were able to purchase them in period. One was destroyed in Europe during World War II and the remaining three valued in the multi-million-dollar range and featured in prominent, long-term private collections and museums. None are likely to enter the market in the near future. Consequently, to own and experience the LeBaron Custom Sport Phaeton, a finely crafted recreation such as this is the only available option today.

This car began its journey with a complete restoration of an original 1108 Packard Twelve chassis, engine, and drivetrain. The Packard V-12 engine is a mechanical marvel, and it runs smoothly and quietly with very few miles since completion. To create the breathtaking coachwork, Joseph S. Albanese, its owner, created a full-scale dimensional drawing to ensure this car would mirror the original.

With Albanese’s engineering background and attention to detail, he was able to render LeBaron’s masterwork in all its glory. Work on the body began by creating an ash frame guided by his plans. The custom coachwork was produced by the same talented coachbuilder/wood craftsman who had done similar bodies for the renowned Fran Roxas, while respected California metal shaper Scott Knight was responsible for the painstakingly accurate and authentic streamlined sheet metal. Stone Barn Automobile Restoration of Vienna, New Jersey provided final assembly, finishing, and mechanical sorting to complete the car. Matching the delightful maroon exterior is leather upholstery and Wilton carpet, along with a fabric top in a complementary custom color; all are the work of the Montclair Auto Top and Seat Company. Period accessories include Pilot Ray driving lights and wide whitewalls mounted on chromed wire wheels, completing its alluring appearance.

Built by a true lifelong Packard enthusiast with no expense spared, the outstanding result is a wonderful tribute to one of that storied marque’s finest creations. Simply stunning from any angle, this Sport Phaeton would make for an excellent addition to any Packard or Classic collection.